3GSM Barcelona 2006 live coverage

GSMArena team, 12-16 February 2006.

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At the 3GSM Congress in Barcelona Sagem announced mobileTV, my700x, W-7 3G and a bunch of low-end handsets.

Sagem entered the mobile TV competition with the model myMobileTV. To speed the things up, they used X8 as base and added DVB-H receiver. Unfortunately, for some reason they had to remove the Bluetooth support. The phone seemed very functional on the stand, but the expected release date is not very clear - we were told that it will be the second half of this year. Now the phone has a strange retractable antenna which sticks out from the bottom. Depending on the testing results of the DVB-H receiver the antenna might be removed in the final design.

Sagem at 3GSM Sagem at 3GSM Sagem at 3GSM Sagem at 3GSM Sagem at 3GSM Sagem at 3GSM
Sagem myMobileTV

The UMTS my800X can be considered a high-end phone. It is also based on the myX8 model and the only differences between them are the front camera and the 3G support. The unit presented was just a mockup, the screen was just a color sticker, so we don't expect Sagem my800x to be available soon.

Sagem at 3GSM Sagem at 3GSM
Sagem myW7

The my700X music phone has 262K colors display with 176 x 220 pixels resolution. This device has FM radio and a nice music player with 3D effects and equalizer. Sagem my700X supports mp3, AAC and AAC+ audio formats. It also has Bluetooth A2DP profile for wireless headset. With EDGE support, USB connectivity and miniSD slot it seems good. The phone also has 1.3 megapixel camera and 3D games support. We took a picture with my700x at the Sagem stand. Please note that the lighting conditions were not good and the phone software is not final.
Sagem myW7 is an UMTS phone with similar features and more traditional keypad.

Sagem at 3GSM Sagem at 3GSM Sagem at 3GSM Sagem at 3GSM
Sagem my700X

Sagem at 3GSM
Picture from the Sagem my700X camera

Sagem at 3GSM Sagem at 3GSM Sagem at 3GSM Sagem at 3GSM
Sagem myW7

Sagem my300X is very much alike the myX6-2 model. With its 65K 128 x 128 pixels resolution display it's still less functional and thicker. The internal memory (3.2 MB) seems enough for ringtone uploading since the model does not support other multimedia features. The expected price of this device is 100 USD and thus it seems like a reasonable offer. The my301X has some additional features, like Bluetooth and SyncML. The my302X also has an infrared port and improved shock and dust resistance. The my302x might not look pretty on the pictures, but actually leaves a good impression when taken in hand. It has a rubber coating and feels very solid.

Sagem at 3GSM Sagem at 3GSM Sagem at 3GSM
Sagem my302X

Other phones, based on the 300 line are the my400X and my401X. They have bigger displays with 128 x 160 pixels resolution and 65K colors. These Sagem phones have Java, VGA camera and the same amount of internal memory (3.2 MB). The difference between them is that my401X has Bluetooth.

Sagem at 3GSM Sagem at 3GSM Sagem at 3GSM Sagem at 3GSM Sagem at 3GSM
Sagem my401X

For the low-end class, Sagem is going for the thin trend. The my100X and my101X are both part of their "slim" line. They're both with monochrome displays but the my101X has colorful backlighting.

The my200X, my201X and my202X represent the more functional class, but still low-end. They have color displays with 4096 colors and 101 x 80 pixels resolution. Sagem announced that all three phones have Hi-Fi tones. The difference between them is that my201X has GPRS and my202X supports MMS.

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