5.5” iPhone 6 tipped to have faster CPU than the 4.7” model

04 August, 2014 | Comments (50) | Post your comment

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The highly anticipated 5.5” Apple iPhone 6 might feature more powerful hardware than its 4.7” sibling. The word got out from an analyst report to investors obtained by Appleinsider, citing Asian supply chain checks.

The 5.5” iPhone 6 is tipped to pack a more powerful application processor than the 4.7” model. Reportedly, the larger model will ship with larger die.

The abovementioned setup suggests that the phablet’s internal architecture will be different that the one found in the more compact model. More GPU cores are likely candidates to fill the extra space.

In addition to having a beefier chipset than the 4.7” model, the 5.5” iPhone 6 is also rumored to come with a different touch module. This unconfirmed bit falls in line with past report, which suggests that the larger iPhone device will tote a sapphire display, while the 4.7” model won’t.

The 5.5” Apple iPhone 6 is rumored to launch in December. The 4.7” model on the other hand, is expected to debut next month.




5.5” iPhone 6 tipped to have faster CPU than the 4.7” model - reader comments

  • Dazz

Wow a phablet from Apple well done you are only 7 years late to the party!

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  • 2014-09-09 03:50
  • 3WdV
  • AdamBoy64

Yeah, it's going to be an amazing device.

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  • 2014-08-06 01:11
  • Fv4$
  • Anonymous

Oh well, Apple is officially (well, semi-officially, since this is a leak) as stupid as everyone else. Only phablets will be flagship devices from here on out. At least Android handset makers can legitimately claim to have lead the way here, with App...

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  • 2014-08-05 23:46
  • Ibxj