Windows Phone Italy's Facebook page reveals WP7.8 features

31 October, 2012 | Comments (25) | Post your comment

The big Microsoft event came and went and there wasnít even a word about Windows Phone 7.8. Joe Belfiore and co didnít even announce a date when the update will be released, but it will probably be a while after WP8 hits the shelves (which is already happening).

Whoever is managing the Windows Phone Italia Facebook page was more talkative, however, and answered a question from a fan, revealing the new features that v7.8 will bring. The response has been deleted since.

The list includes the new homescreen (which we already knew), something called 'Club', which we guess is Rooms, Xbox Music and SmartGlass.

Facebook is hardly a reliable source of info, but the features listed seem quite probable - we already know about the homescreen, Rooms and SmartGlass are available for other OSes too, so it's unlikely they will be excluded from WP7.8 and Xbox Music will bring the existing user base to Microsoft's new music service.

In case you don't know yet, Windows Phone 7.8 will be released for 7 and 7.5 devices, as the old hardware won't get updated to WP8.

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Windows Phone Italy's Facebook page reveals WP7.8 features - reader comments

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It depends on manufacturer... Nokia is going to add file transfr...

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Nice :) Translation for everyone: Hello Kevin, the upgrade to 7.8 will be available for version 7.0 and 7.5 shortly after the marketing of the Windows Phone 8 devices. Among the features are the new Start screen, the sharing of the calendar by...

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