A Dual SIM Galaxy Note II in the works, leaks in China?

07 September, 2012 | Comments (62) | Post your comment

Dual SIM phones have never been high-end products so you can imagine our surprise when we first saw this leak. A dual SIM Galaxy Note II? Even for the Chinese market, this is really hard to believe. And yet, here we are with all this wonderful photo evidence.

Of course, this could as well be one of the very elaborate fakes China is known for. You never know with these things.

The Galaxy Note II as a Dual SIM phone

According the source, this here device is made specifically for China Unicom and has the same specs as the international Note II.

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A Dual SIM Galaxy Note II in the works, leaks in China? - reader comments

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http://www.kaunsa.com/Detail/5187/5-5-inch-Andro id-4-0-5-Dual-Sim-3G-Galaxy-NOTE-II-32GB.html

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  • 2012-11-11 10:40
  • utP7
  • mobiledatu

If note 2 dual sim rumor is true, I recommend samsung to add extra power to its battery. I will surely buy it if the battery life will lasts up to 3 days in a single charge.

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  • 2012-11-04 16:11
  • v0qJ
  • mr Toine

It obviously is easy as pie to make all phones from scratch to have 2 sims. But Samsung Apple and the rest depend in their biggest markets on the marketing and sales efforts of the big providers and they not like you to go shopping for best rates, th...

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  • 2012-10-26 14:50
  • SgA0