Alleged iPhone 5S specs show only minor changes

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The much awaited Apple event is tomorrow, so it's time for final leaks. Chinese site CTech has dug up the specs of the iPhone 5S, the higher end of the two models expected to be announced tomorrow, and compared it to previous iPhones.

Now, we can't read Chinese (and since it's in an image, Google Translate isn't very helpful) but the gist is pretty clear the dimensions are exactly the same and so is the screen. The camera is still an 8MP shooter, but now has a wider aperture, F/2.0 (instead of F/2.4), which should have a positive effect on low-light shots. And so would the dual-LED flash.

Alleged iPhone 5S specs

There's a reference to video framerate being bumped to 120fps from 60fps though we're not sure what that's about (the iPhone 5 can't shoot 1080p @ 60fps). Other than that video recording and the front-facing camera are the same.

The rumored fingerprint sensor is mentioned and the battery life is marked as improved to 250 hours of standby, up from 225 hours. The battery capacity is the same, so this is presumably due to the new chipset. The chipset (quite as expected) has been bumped to Apple A7, but there are no details what that entails (quad-core? higher clockspeed?).

Of course, there's no way to confirm any of those specs but since all of them are evolutionary steps, we'd say they are probably close to the truth (or at least not widely inaccurate). You can join us tomorrow and find out the true specs of the next iPhone(s).

Thanks to Kshitiz for sending this in!

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Alleged iPhone 5S specs show only minor changes - reader comments

  • papa

iphone 5s records 1080p videos only at 30 fps. visit apple website.

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  • 2013-09-11 19:13
  • ut5q
  • Bluto

This is some 2011 specifications but 1080p at 120fps or 60fps is awesome.

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  • 2013-09-11 10:40
  • X0Wv
  • Lol

Can u give any example???

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  • 2013-09-11 10:30
  • 9CsG