Amazon offers discount off AT&T Lumia 920, 820 and HTC 8X

19 November, 2012 | Comments (60) | Post your comment

Amazon US just put up some great deals for three of the new Windows Phone 8-powered smartphones in the states. You can get the AT&Tís Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820 or HTC Windows Phone 8X at half their original asking price.

AT&T is charging $99.99 for the Lumia 920 on a 2-year contract, while Amazon is giving you the flagship smartphone for $69.99 (previously $49.99). The Lumia 820 goes for $49.99 in the AT&T stores, while Amazon wants just $0.01 for it.

Unfortunately Amazon offers discounts only on the 8GB version of the HTX 8X. Instead of charging you $99.99, Amazon sells the smartphone for $39.99.

So, if you live in the US and want to switch to Windows Phone 8, now seems to be a good moment to do it.

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Amazon offers discount off AT&T Lumia 920, 820 and HTC 8X - reader comments

  • Anonymous

This is Windows Phone 8, not Windows 8

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  • 2012-11-21 08:36
  • kg3U
  • nokiastrategypweh

why the hell nokia is so slow in selling this beautiful phone..because of this delay i settled for Samsung Galaxy S 3 and I didn't regret it is amazing phone except for loading YouTube too laggy, my nokia 610 performed faster than S3.

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  • 2012-11-21 08:07
  • thHb
  • Anonymous

Windows 8 using ARM processors vs Windows 8 pro using x86 processors provide virtually different user experience. For once, x86 only programs does not run on windows 8 arm, not because windows 8 don allow.. but is simply cannot. Don expect a fu...

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  • 2012-11-21 06:25
  • uREv