An unseen HTC phone leaks in official video ad, the Wildfire 2?

10 February, 2011 | Comments (19) | Post your comment

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HTC has a new promotional You Tube video of a couple of phones. The first one, however, is new and unannounced so far. It looks like a successor to the HTC Wildfire, possibly the HTC Wildfire 2.

No real information is given in the video, but we can deduct from it that the phone is most likely with an aluminum casing of some sort, it runs Android 2.2 and it's really compact. The display size looks around 3.2 inches, but there's really nothing more we can squeeze out of it.

This is the only new phone in the video, apart from one that is shown from a distance, flaunting HDMI capabilities. Others are the well known HD7, Desire Z and one of the CDMA US cousins of the Desire HD.

This video leak could be just a mistake, but it looks like it may have been done on purpose. The new device is shown for just a second and at the beginning of the ad. Could be a coincidence, but it doesn't seem like it.

Anyway, check it out for yourself below:





An unseen HTC phone leaks in official video ad, the Wildfire 2? - reader comments

  • pippo

this critics of htc phones has to come clean with the brand of the htc phones they use(d)... as far as am concerned great phones HTC.

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  • 2011-02-11 14:44
  • fs%K
  • Nick

I also feel they should have added a AMOLED rather than a plain LCD TFT... a 3.2'' screen with a 480x320 on a AMOLED would effeminately bring some crisp images and colors...

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  • 2011-02-11 14:00
  • P$vK
  • Nick

I think the physical dimensions would be more like 100x50x13 mm, by the looks of it this could be the the most compact Droid by HTC...

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  • 2011-02-11 13:58
  • P$vK