LG to ship 15 million smartphones in Q2, analysts say

03 April, 2014 | Comments (18) | Post your comment

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Analysts are predicting a good quarter for LG the team at Mirae Asset Securities Co forecasts that the phone manufacturer will sell 15 million smartphones in the April-June quarter or 5 million a month on average.

For comparison, in last year's second quarter LG sold 12.1 million smartphones, which marked a boost in sales helped mostly by affordable models from the L and F series. That works out to around 4 million smartphones a month. Data by Strategy Analytics show this improved only slightly in Q4 2013 to 4.4 million a month.

This Q2, it will be the affordable handsets that push LG's sales up once again. The L and F series are mention alongside the LG G2 mini. We're still waiting for the price on that one to drop in a lot of markets though currently many stores in Europe show 350, which is actually more expensive than the big LG G2.

The LG G2 itself or LG's other flagship products were not mentioned as growth drivers for the company. Last year the G2 reportedly sold 3 million units, there's no info on how it's doing this year after Samsung, HTC and Sony unveiled their new flagships.




LG to ship 15 million smartphones in Q2, analysts say - reader comments

  • Zen One

I have the LG G2 since a month now, moving from an iphone 4 and I absolutely love this phone, the screen is and specs are top notch, and now with the update to kitkat it's even faster...highly recommend this brand.

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  • 2014-04-09 06:56
  • kx8g
  • CycloneX

"effectively removing freedom of choice and going against the principles of Open Source." I hope you didn't mean removing the battery or anything hardware..maybe adding a storage card is a better option but it has nothing to do with op...

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  • 2014-04-05 06:15
  • 4TQT
  • MoFo

LG needs to see that the majority of their profits are from the L and F series and work to please those customers. Not take them by the hand and force them to use their phones how LG wants...effectively removing freedom of choice and going against th...

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  • 2014-04-05 02:49
  • j8wI