Analysts predict Samsung will see record sales in Q1 this year

27 March, 2013 | Comments (80) | Post your comment

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Samsung had a great final quarter in 2012 and the new year will be even better, according to the analysts from Counterpoint Research. They estimate that Samsung managed to sell about 25 million phones each month this year, putting them on track for a 70+ million sales Q1, which will be a new record for the company, defying lower seasonal demand.

Over the two full months that have passed this year, Samsung’s market share rose to 35% (up from 32% in the final quarter last year). Main rival Apple is also on the rise, sitting at 21% (up from 17%). LG saw small gains too – 4.3% (up from 4%) – and is currently behind Chinese makers ZTE (4.6%) and Huawei (4.4%).

The predicted record sales and rising market share leads analysts to believe Samsung will post an operating profit of about $7.7 billion, in line with market predictions. When the full Q1 report comes out we’ll get concrete numbers, plus a final look at how the Galaxy S III performed on the market before the Galaxy S4 takes over.

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Analysts predict Samsung will see record sales in Q1 this year - reader comments

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Lol See the WHOLE YEAR OF 2012 These are the ranking top5 Samsung Nokia Apple Zte LG Sony didnt make it to the top10. Source:Gartener and IDC.

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Who buy LG? The worst smartphone maker!!!

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apple 5s hasnt arrived yet... keep watching..

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