Apple iOS 5 review: First look

GSMArena team, 10 June 2011.
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Multimedia changes - separate Video app, Music app replaces iPod, integrated photo editor

The iOS 5 has finally given the iPhone a dedicated Video app and removed the video section from the iPod player. The Video app is the same as on the iPad. As of iOS 5, you are now able to sync and play 1080p videos to the default video player.

Apple iOS 5 Apple iOS 5
The Video app and the new Music icon for the iPod player

Speaking of the iPod player, this is no longer its name. The music player is now simply called Music and has a new icon. As it no longer handles video, the renaming makes sense. There are no other changes - visual or functional.

Apple iOS 5 Apple iOS 5 Apple iOS 5
The Music player has no changes except the missing Video tab

The Photos app has a new nifty feature - a photo editor. It enables rotation, cropping, and red-eye removal. There's also an option called Enhance over which you have no control - it's all automatic. In Edit mode four keys appear at the bottom for the available editing options.

Apple iOS 5 Apple iOS 5 Apple iOS 5 Apple iOS 5
Editing a photo - rotate, crop and auto-enhance


Apple has included a brand new app with the new iOS 5 - Reminders. Its as simple as it name suggests it.

The Reminders app has pretty simple interface doing really some basic but important stuff. There are two viewing options - by date or a list. Both of them start with a Completed list as a first pane.

In the List view you have the option to add different lists - the default one is the events on your phone. But you can add list for iCloud or Gmail reminders for example. All lists appear as different panes.

Apple iOS 5 Apple iOS 5 Apple iOS 5 Apple iOS 5
The List View managing lists

If you have chosen the List view, you have to work with only 2 panes - the Completed list and one pane for all of your reminders.

Viewing by date gives you lots of panes - you start with Completed and then you have one pane for each day. You also get a Calendar shortcut, where you can choose easily the day you want.

Apple iOS 5 Apple iOS 5 Apple iOS 5
The Date View

When you choose to create a new reminder, first you must type its name directly on the pane and click Done. After that you are able to edit (just tap on it) - you can choose the Type of reminder - by date or location, Due option, Priority and to which list it will belong (iPhone, iCloud, Gmail etc.).

Apple iOS 5 Apple iOS 5 Apple iOS 5
Creating a reminder

If you want to be reminded on the day of the event, you just choose date and time.

A novel feature is the location-aware reminder triggering option. You can choose a location from your phonebook or your current location (why not Gmaps, it beats us!) and then you choose whether you like the reminder to activate on on arrival or departure.

Apple iOS 5 Apple iOS 5 Apple iOS 5
Reminder options

When a reminder activates, you see it as a standard notification - on your lockscreen, the Notification Center and the homescreen (as a banner or a pop-up).

Apple iOS 5 Apple iOS 5
Reminder notifications

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