iOS has more users than Android in the US, comScore says

20 April, 2011 | Comments (113) | Post your comment

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comScore has conducted an intriguing study about the reach of Apple products running iOS, compared to Google's Android across the U.S. The research is quite extensive and concludes that the iOS platform outreaches Android by the whopping 59%.

Consumers in the United States using iOS-running devices account for 37.9 million among all mobile phones, tablets and other connected media devices. The number of users owning an iPhone is greater than those with iPod Touches, but unsurprisingly both of them account for approximately twice the number of iPads sold.

Compared to the 37.9 million iOS users, Google's Android user base only accounts for 23.8 million users. Interestingly, only 10.5 percent of all Apple iOS users access the platform via more than one device. As far as mobile subscribers, iOS holds a 16.2 percent share, compared to the 10.2 percent share Android has.

comScore are preparing the results for their study in Europe and will release the data in the coming days, so stay tuned.





iOS has more users than Android in the US, comScore says - reader comments

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At first I didn't know if I should even post a comment, because of all the meaningless hate that's going on in here. Let's start: "Guess you missed the whole "iPhone tracking" thing lately? That's one reason to add to a long l...

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lolz! damn right!

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Well in hong kong galaxy s is more expansive than iphone

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