Apple iPad announced, is iPod touch on steroids

27 January, 2010 | Comments (272) | Post your comment

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Just as expected, today Apple announced their iPad tablet. It's not everyday that you see news about something other than mobile phones at our homepage but considering the hype that one this generated we just couldn't help ourselves.

The tablet is actually running a UI very similar to the iPhone's and is compatible with all its apps. However it can only use its 3G connectivity for data transfers so it doesn't qualify as a phone.

Apple iPad Apple iPad Apple iPad Apple iPad
Apple iPad official photos

We apologize to those of you who felt cheated when opening this page and we promise not to turn this into a bad habit.

Those of you who are actually interested in Apple's new gadget, can find our coverage of the announcement in our blog.

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The iBooks app of the Apple iPad

Apple iPad Apple iPad Apple iPad
Apple iPad accessories

Here goes one of the official videos of the Apple iPad to know what to expect there.




Apple iPad announced, is iPod touch on steroids - reader comments

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Samsung xoom vs ipad vs-apple-ipad-vs-samsung-galaxy/1367/

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  • 2011-01-12 19:50
  • vGk$
  • Anonymous

i think it is time to go beyond just expecting a new unlock or JB users of apple products need to form a coalition.we need to speak with one voice,it is time to seek for a kind of regulation against apple world wide. am afraid the greed of ap...

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  • 2010-04-25 21:06
  • 0nNw
  • Anonymous

The idea seems good, however what has not been addressed is the size of the ipad. Is it really possible to carry it with you everywhere you go. One of the ipone/touches downfall is it's size as it is often to big for a pocket. How exactly are people ...

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  • 2010-03-09 23:43
  • Mfxh