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Right now I'm using a PSP for watching videos and web browsing, an Ipod for listening to music and a Rizr for making phone calls. Though the Rizr is sexy, the IPhone is beautiful. I like my PSP but i rarely use it for playing games, I just rather watch movies on it than on my Ipod. I live in The Bahamas so the issue with 3G does not really matter to me. I only hope that this phone is sold somwhere unlocked at a price within $200 of its contract price, if so I will get it.

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  • 2007-01-14 15:38
  • Y2tG
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let's not forget that motorola rokr e1(we could say, the first mobile from apple) was a disaster. i believe the iPhone will have an average success. maybe the next generations of iPhones will be better, or in the mean time, microsoft's gonna come out with something alike and wipe out the iPhone. we'll see...

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  • 2007-01-14 15:20
  • nDx$
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leave ur mp3s at home. leave ur pmps at home.... everything will be solved by iphone.
with iphone, its not that hard to imagine...

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  • 2007-01-14 14:41
  • F4pr
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I think this is the best mobile phone ever..
and i wonder why people are dissapointing the camera.. for god's sake,, this is a phone, not a camera.. camera is optional,,
overall, iPhone is the best,,, beware Nokia, SE...

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  • 2007-01-14 12:48
  • UDNZ
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I think it's genius! I've waited so long for Apple to bring out a successor to the old Apple Newton (remember those things??)

I still have some reservations about the battery life, even though the same when for my iPod which has been fine.

Also, I feel that using multi-touch instead of physical keys might be a bit odd on a phone - but if I trust anyone to create a brilliantly intuitive user interface, its Apple!!

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  • 2007-01-14 12:28
  • m9$n
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This phone is great , it has everything that i need which doesn't include 3G ((like i use it ))

the screen is off the chain and i thing its the first mobile to use the Multi-Touch Screen

Apple will use its own Software ( Mac OS X ) which is really powerful and fast ((people who own Apple computers would know )


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  • 2007-01-14 11:16
  • TqJV
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Good looking, but lack of some options.
---it's have no any Flash option.
---It's not 3G.
---Battery not changeable.
---i think price must be little bit reduced.

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  • 2007-01-14 10:51
  • PI%%
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I am surprised when I hear people there's nothing great in this phone. This the best thing that happened since the mobile phone was launched (OK, the price is steep). 4/8 Gigs in Flash Memory (Not A hard disk which slows down the performance), 2Mpx camera (this could have been improved say 3mpx). An awesome interface and great resolution. This phones have 200 patents filed after its launched (not that its supposed to be THE indication for a great phone). If and when its made available to general public, I will surely dump my ipod, Nokia 5500 (sigh, big mistake) and my tungsten C for an iphone. Though I still feel that 3G should have been included.

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  • 2007-01-14 10:18
  • 2SPu
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I actually saw the phone in Moscone Center in San Francisco at the Macworld Expo. It looks nice of course. But actually the only revolutionary thing is the Multitouchscreen and that no pen is needed. Other than that, the phone is nothing special. For me it is kinda overrated. Also I would like to see the multitouch on a lot more PDAs. Another thing is the Mac OS on it. It's there first PDA OS when I am right. I hope it is stable. I won't buy it since I like the XDA Orbit. It has more functionality and a GPS for less the price. Doesn't look that good, but Windows CE is kinda stable.

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  • 2007-01-14 08:42
  • 4$re
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"From what i saw, heard and read, I conclude that the iPhone is nothing "revolutionary".

There's still too many unknowns about the device."

Lol, you come to the conclusion that the iPhone is nothing revolutionary, you say the camera sucks and the touchscreen poses many problems on top of many other reckless judgements while simultaneously saying "there's still too many unknowns"?

LMAO, CalX you're a hypocrite to the fullest. you've given us a review of the device and you probably didn't even watch the keynote presentation or watch a video demonstration, let alone holding and using the handset for an elongated period of time.

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  • 2007-01-14 06:35
  • PHfa
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This phone has serious potential, ignoring all those who were quick to judge, this phone looks remarkable and has the functions to match. I hope Apple comes out with a better battery for this phone by the time it's released or it should come with at least two extras, this is the only downside.

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  • 2007-01-14 05:10
  • kCYm
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very disappointing about the camera

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  • 2007-01-14 05:00
  • Ae7h
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From what i saw, heard and read, I conclude that the iPhone is nothing "revolutionary". There's still too many unknowns about the device (even it's final name, since Cisco has the Iphone name patented). First of all, the design reminds me of the Dell Axim x51v handheld without camera and call capability. Here's my biggest concern/issues with the Iphone.

1. Touchscreen
Very sensitive, leaves fingerprints and drains battery life faster than usual. Texting and browsing the web (the need to type in web address) will be a serious problem. I find it difficult to fit all the alphanumeric characters and symbols without making each character size smaller, thus making it difficult to "touch" to type.

2. Battery
Correct me if i'm wong, but i heard that iPhone's battery is not removable. If that's true, then i'm very concerned that the battery will simply die out after 6-12 months (like the first generation iPods) and I'll have to spend god knows how much money to get it repaired/replaced. I also doubt that the battery life to listen to music will pass my current phone (SE w850i), which plays continously for 20 hours.

3. Camera
No Flash? Are you kidding me? At such a high price I would expect to have at least a flash to take pictures at night or inside nightclubs. And to be honest, in my opinion, i dont really care about the "advance" photo editing software. It's unpractical to edit a picture in a cell phone, especially one without a stylus and keypad. I can image someone using a photo editing software for basic crop and maybe red eye removal. Anything else, I rather use Photoshop on my laptop or pc.

Overall, i give this phone a rating of 60/100 just from specs and opinion. I never touched it or tinkled around with it, but from with my experience with previous touch-screen devices (Axim x51v), I don't see what's so great about the iPhone. The only thing that impressed me was the standard 3.5mm jack builtin the phone itself, which is very good since you won't be needing an adapter. The Google Maps seems impressive as well at first (since i do travel quite alot), but i realized that without internet (Wi-fi 802.11b/g) it's pretty much useless. I would rather spend my money on the Nokia n95 which has builtin GPS which does not require wireless internet signals. Of course, i hope things would change by June of 07, and i would defintely love to try it out. However, i think the only thing that's going to change is the name of the iPhone. I just hope iCell isn't patented as well. If it is, well Good Luck Apple Team lol

In all,I would wait and see what else is on the horizon. I'm sure Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola are all developing a new generation of cell/smart phones and i would compare them to the iPhone. As of this moment, I don't see the iPhone being that impressive.

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  • 2007-01-14 02:48
  • Yg${
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This phone is the best phone that is comming out to the market.For those of you that said that it has a bad camera,then let me remind you that is a PHONE not a camera. also those said that this phone doesnt has good memory the, you are crazy because its the same memory as the black ipod nano which is 8GB and this phone holds videos and it has safary wich is the best ethernet right now and i know that because i have an apple computer. so all of you that are saying that this phone sucks then go stick to your nokia wich is as big as my T.V. controler,no I'm just playing aound because my T.V controller is smaller than the Nokia phones. SO BEQUIET $#&^%*@!?

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  • 2007-01-14 02:47
  • 0aeA
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When will this phone will be available in Middle East? I'm sure this is the hottest PDA phone. 16M Color display, brilliant and the operating system is MAC OSX, nice one APPLE. But i hope next time create a more perfect phone add some 3G Tech or HSDPA. If you did that for sure it will be a big hit in the history of apple marketing.

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  • 2007-01-14 02:43
  • P%uV
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The Battery life will let it down, not long enough for normal use

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  • 2007-01-13 23:41
  • SbfG
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it can't record video clips??? how bad it is. we have to wait some improvements on this one!

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  • 2007-01-13 22:22
  • mV2q
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It's not surprising that a phone with as much hype and media speculation as the iPhone has received quite a lot of criticism upon launch. But what not all critics realise is that this product can't merely be judged by the extent of it's feature list and, furthermore, the number of pixels it's camera takes pics at. It's all about the user experience and it's there which lies the revolution Jobs has claimed. Those criticising the camera don't understand that the resoultion of this phone's screen; twice that of the Nokia N95. Plus it's got advanced photo editing features way beyond anything else out there in a mobile device: not just black and white, sepia, negative, blur, sharpen and all the usual rubbish which makes huge swathes, rather than slight adjustmens to images. Also, if you want high res images a 6mp camera can easily be bought now for less than 100.

Three other negatives of the iPhone commonly being picked out are:
- The size of memory. To me this seems stupid, seeing that there's only 1 other phone out there (the Nokia N91 music edition) which can even hold as much as the iPhone. Also, this, like the Nano, is flash - something which can't be said about the N91

- Lack of 3G. When the iPhone model in the US ships this June, it'll have EDCGE and Wi-fi b/g for connectivity. One of the main reasons for the delay to the european market is to get approval for HSPDA. If this becomes true, only the N95 will be able to match it in connectivity.

- Lack of stylus. Only time can tell on this one. It would have been nice to have the choice, but I think as far as on-screen keyboards go, it's well suited for finger input.

- Price. This is where the iPhone really loses ground - 335 in the UK with 2yr contract is being quoted. I still reckon it's gonna get the 20 somethings age group hurrying out to buy it though, once they realise what it can do.

It's the accessibility of the device, as well as the ultra sleek design (if a little long) that i find most appealing. In a world where mobiles have life cycles of what often seems like weeks, not even months, with the introduction to market of products touting new designs, at the expense of improvements so minor they're hardly a step forward, I think the iPhone is a real breath of fresh air. It takes each feature, such as it's iPod capability, and makes it not only as good, but something that actually surpasses any iPpod out there with awesome widescreen video capabilty plus coverflow. Now music can be near instantly selected by scrolling through cover art work much like one looks at CD cases in real life (if anyone still uses hi-fis!) Add to this the Safari experience on a 160PPI screen, quick double click zooming in/out it looks to be the first device to bring desktop web-searching to something that fits in yout pocket. One word... Awesome

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  • 2007-01-13 21:52
  • nHC4
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No 3G? All phones got to have 3G this days for highspeed data transfers. Plus I hate the fact that we only get 4 and 8gb of SHARED memory. this phone is no good.

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  • 2007-01-13 21:38
  • N5XW
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Cool design! Very impressed! Still a LOT of room for improvement though! I don't even think it can compete with the Nokia E61! Still some interesting features, but for a first Apple phone I must say not bad! But with the way Apple advertises I can already predict this as a HUGE winner worldwide! Thats where companies such as Nokia with better products seem to lack big time. Think about it, most people don't know anything about features they just look at the design and thats where Apple seems to have the upper hand in anything they make! Design. Design. Design.

Alright, I better go buy some AAPL shares!

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  • 2007-01-13 20:44
  • BWtn
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