Apple iPhone 6 leaked by China Telecom

24 August, 2014 | Comments (172) | Post your comment

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The Apple iPhone 6 is hardly the best kept secret in the world with rumors about the upcoming flooding the internet lately. And while we have already accepted the fact that the Cupertino giantís security measures arenít what they once were, itís still interesting to see a high-profile leak such as this one.

China Telecom, one of the Appleís largest partners, jumped the gun and announced the iPhone 6 through its official Weibo account. The post has since been deleted, but the delay was still enough for it to be copied and shared all over the web.

The post gave us a photo of the Apple iPhone 6 in its three color versions, along with a few bits about its cellular specifications. The smartphone will be available unlocked and will support LTE, 3G, CDMA and GSM networks. China Telecom didnít sell unlocked iPhones until now, so thatís going to be a first for the carrier.

The Apple event that should see the iPhone 6 make its debut is scheduled for September 9 so thereís not long left until we find out all about the upcoming smartphone.

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Apple iPhone 6 leaked by China Telecom - reader comments

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Awee that's cute. So explain the extra crashes and lag then.

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  • 2014-08-28 21:16
  • kkxV
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LOL!!!! I can't get over that. He's not one. He says so himself!!! LOL

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  • 2014-08-28 21:15
  • kkxV
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iPhone 6 rocks...!

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  • 2014-08-26 23:39
  • UD{0