Apple snatches Nokia's Lumia Photography Lead

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Apple has taken advantage of the just completed Nokia acquisition by Microsoft and has snatched one of the Finnish company's most valuable experts. Ari Partinen, head of the Lumia Photography division, has just announced that he's leaving the Finnish company for the Cupertino giant.

The guy who has played a key part in the development of class-leading cameraphones such as the Nokia N8 and the Nokia 808 PureView used his Twitter account to bring the news. He'll be starting work in his new company next month and while his switch comes too late to have any effect on the iPhone 6 camera, it bodes well for the future Apple products.

Lately, Apple has been falling behind in the cameraphone race and its camera department is obviously in need of fresh blood and ideas. Back in the day, the iPhone 4 packed one of the best cameras in the market, but the company has been struggling to keep up in the development race since and the iPhone 5s placed 5th (of 6 devices) in our grand shootout in October.

Meanwhile, Nokia has been the leader in mobile imaging for most of the last decade with smartphones like N95, N82 and more recently N8, 808 PureView and 1020 PureView reigning supreme in different parts of the period.





Apple snatches Nokia's Lumia Photography Lead - reader comments

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hahhaha really?

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  • 2014-05-15 06:58
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super its always true any company cannot beat nokia camera department

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The truth is, MS company sent this guy in apple company. Goodluck apple

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