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I have dust issue under camera glass. It is not a big issue since I don't use camera often.
Other than this, performance of the phone is very good and latest updates are very stable for me.
I am using european build.

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  • 2013-09-04 18:43
  • yHea
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Lovely concept. Good looking phone. Camera is OK considering it supposed to be 13 megapixels;The Nokia Lumia phones have far superior cameras.Very quick cpu the phone has such potential. Very sad that mine lasted about a month. Very sad that it took about a month again to fix. Very sad that the charge connector broke again. So it would not charge properly. Screen then cracked. Bought a replacement in white. Fixed it believe it or not. It then died on me. Sad. It feels like this phone was not properly pressure again tested. My old HTC Desire is 4 years old and I have to resort to using this again. It has it's shortfalls but at least it works. I read somewhere it(the Padfone 2) has been discontinued. Not surprised but this needs confirming. So much for my 400 UK pounds

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  • 2013-09-01 23:53
  • Bwcu
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I used the phone for about 4 months without any issues. The phone tends to heat a bit if you are using it for heavy gaming and other intensive apps. Dropped the phone a few times, no noticeable damage. The charging port is quite flimsy, you can barely keep standard usb cables connected, and the pins get bent/damaged quite easily.
on the plus side, the phone looks great and it's really smooth performance. call quality was top notch and I had no issues with the camera. battery life was pretty good, could easily manage over a day's usage.
But then the phone got damaged, till this date I don't know how - I connected the charger and suddenly the phone got too hot to handle and switched off permanently. I can only assume all internal components got fried for some reason.
phone was still in warranty so I sent it to the customer center, the service is ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS. It's been over 100 days since they got my phone and they are yet to return/replace/repair it. They are not even updating the status of the phone, they keep saying it will be looked into shortly.
As much as I like the design and features of this phone, the trouble you'll go through incase something goes wrong should be enough deterrent to stop you from buying this phone.

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  • 2013-08-29 04:55
  • ijMj
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Use it since Oct.12. So far so good and no big complaint. No repair so far and hope no need to.

Only few minor issues on:

1) Easily heat up, especially when you output to HDMI
2) Speaker is not loud enough
3) Though you can use standard Micro USB cable for charging or synchronizing, it is a bit loose.

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  • 2013-08-28 05:54
  • tPI@
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Been using for 8 months, was sent to service centre twice due to faulty.

Scratches on display (phone) because of sliding in and out.

Was told by Asus that there is nothing in this world is not have scratches.

Fingerprint all over the screen even the specification stated very clearly that is anti-fingerprint coating.

So, this is the first time also the last time for me for being Asus customer.

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  • 2013-08-24 15:31
  • ibnD
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> In reply to RonZ @ 2013-08-12 12:00 from PSha - click to readSell the tablet to me if u aint using it

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  • 2013-08-17 11:53
  • N9@T
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I'm from Finland, have had Padfone 2 now for 2 months and mainly without any problems. For me best system for now (earlier had Galaxy tab 2 + Sony Xperia Acro S)
Best points are good camera, station/phone activity, and surely that you have everything in one device. Only negative point has been that battery wont last as much as hoped but in this case station helps lot while moving

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  • 2013-08-15 13:28
  • pWQn
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As a follow up from my previous post. I have got my phone back from repair and it is a faulty main board. So they swapped one bad main board for another bad main board. The new one has faulty microphone component and another main board needed to be install. Outrageous to receive a faulty product and they claim to have fixed it.

The customer service made a lot of false promise and said they will have a follow up but ended up not doing it.

I will avoid this company from now on. The phone caused a lot with the tablet and now I felt cheated.


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  • 2013-08-12 12:00
  • PSha
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> In reply to MK Denmark @ 2013-08-04 11:23 from iyPd - click to readsame problem ..but plus my station is not working and my phone camera is full big dust !! i hate this phone

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  • 2013-08-10 14:19
  • mi2W
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Had since December last year. It is a powerful phone, but since April had caused a lot of trouble. It was been bricked twice and OS unable to restart once(had to wipe, couldn't recover data). The customer service had been very slow even living in HK, communication have been poor. Beside the faulty phone problem and the awful customer service, the phone is a power house... Too bad though.

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  • 2013-08-05 08:41
  • PSha
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THIS PFONE SUCKS, I have never have so many problems with a phone, breakdowns and errors. It was send for repair once, but I just got other problems, like suddenly it freezes for the whole uppper screen so the touch cannot be used.

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  • 2013-08-04 11:23
  • iyPd
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Epic life time, having the possibility to charge phone without charger (using pad station) is epic feature, im really eager to see kits by asus and 3rd party companies that will give more versatility to this device (keyboard and case perhaps).

All in all, its a tech pearl you ought to try out at least for a week.

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  • 2013-08-04 00:40
  • JKWi
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why it's not available in Egypt :(

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  • 2013-08-01 20:59
  • iA0U
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Hey ! :> my name is david and I got my padfone 2 for 4000 at alina,se (im not for promoting a site but theyr great) the first thing im going to review is the keyboard not much to say but I am writing on my padfone right now it has a different design that works great and improves speed,second thing is protection it never gets warn pulled in screen and handy, still nice in the hand, metal (i think ITS metal) thing round the whole fone and ITS not connected to anything that can be broken inside the phone saved,me some times :) and the last thing is the Amazing battery saver ASUS power saver does things like turns off Wi-Fi when phone is resting and only the normal battery has SO much better battery time, far more better than iphone 5 and samsung s3/s4 its the best battery i have ever used and really short time to load your battery too.the phone looks great, to some info im a 13 year old boy who is right now writing this review while im sick just because i am so happy with this phone and wants other people to know how great it is.classes easily out samsung,apple and HTC any time (tried em all) thanks :)

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  • 2013-07-17 15:15
  • S3eB
  • Q

Non removable batteries? Annoying, but alright. I plan on buying this phone. Are there any issues with it other than heating and relatively bad customer support?

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  • 2013-07-14 13:35
  • p7%P
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I had this phone 7 days, and I had problem with ear speaker. It seems to be not clean while making conversation with someone. Is someone else having this problem ?

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  • 2013-07-13 20:24
  • LiQa
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I'm a Padfone 2 user in Singapore. I got the phone under a contract with Starhub in December 2012 and have been using it for around 7 months. I think I can give some review based on my own experience

(Recenly I dropped by phone, screen blackout, no crack, still running on station and I'm sending it to Asus service centre while they have really bad reputation. All the best to me)

1. Camera
- So far no camera dust problem for me.
- Quality photo under certain condition eg daytime and outdoor. Indoor photo quality is kinda meh but still considered as ok. With sufficient sunlight: Indoor:

2. Lag
- Not so much of a problem. When I have lots of apps running and installed it lags a bit but it's really smooth overall

3. Heat
- Heat yes. There's a metal line around the casing it can get really hot but I hardly notice that nowadasy (probably get used to it)

4. Battery
- I believe all smart phone roughly have the same problem: if you have 3G on and have bright screen display then yes it consumes battery really fast.
- You can use the station to CHARGE (you can turn off the charging option though) the phone
- No it doesn't take 8 hours to charge it. It can be charged as fast as the battery is consumed lol

5. Port problem
- Found no problem with the port?

6. Repair
- I do agree that because this is not a commonly used phone and Asus is not a brand which produces mainly mobiles/smartphones, it'd be quite difficult if you have a problem with that (not as common as Samsung or Apple) and need to exchange/fix the phone. :/ (Also take note that I'm referring to Singapore)

I bought it to try out something new. Since I'm not very choosy so I guess there's no problem for me. The only reason I wouldn't recommend people to buy is because of everything after-sales: since I heard so many bad comments. I am heading to service centre in these few days so let's hope for the best. C'mon Asus do something

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  • 2013-07-09 05:52
  • 9C4A
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What about camera dust problem ?

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  • 2013-07-01 21:03
  • 3LUT
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> In reply to combe @ 2013-06-28 18:22 from s0MT - click to readI have been using it for 6 months and I have never felt any lag.. HEAT is a big YES. It gets heated pretty quickly. I got a new case and I am not feeling the heat on my palms much now eventhough it can be pretty hot on the edges..

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  • 2013-07-01 18:47
  • vG4c
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Hi guys! I would like to buy only smartphone without station. So, is it good or bad phone and his performance? Is it lag or heating ??
Thanks guys!!

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  • 2013-06-28 18:22
  • s0MT
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