AT&T Galaxy S5 camera image leaks on Flickr

18 February, 2014 | Comments (30) | Post your comment

Samsung will be officially announcing the upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone at their next Unpacked event next week but until then we have another blurry image from the camera to check out.

The image was posted on Flickr and tweeted by evleaks and is allegedly from the AT&T variant of the phone. The image is horribly blurry as usual because apparently none of these people who leak these images have heard of focusing.

Anyway, the image has a resolution of 5312 x 2988, which is approximately 16 megapixels. Considering the image has an aspect ration of 16:9 and unless the sensor itself is widescreen, we are looking at a cropped image. Often the manufacturers leave the default resolution to 16:9 crop to fill the screen even if the max resolution is higher.

This means, if we try to calculate the 4:3 resolution of the sensor, we get 5312x3984, which is 21 megapixels. Considering Sony ships a 20.7 megapixel sensor on the Xperia Z1, it's quite likely Samsung would like to one up Sony with an even higher resolution sensor.

Whether this is true or not, we will find out for sure next week.





AT&T Galaxy S5 camera image leaks on Flickr - reader comments

  • who cares

can be 16MP or 20MP but if the sensor phisical size is the same the photo will suck as an 8MP photo the 41MP from Nokia is another thing because it has a larger phisical size so more information(light) is on sensor meaning more quality of the ph...

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  • 2014-02-19 00:21
  • ajPD
  • SG

Gone is time when leaks were real, Now its just part of marketing strategy. ok Samsung we got the message.

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  • 2014-02-18 17:31
  • M7YA
  • Cleese

what i can determine by this picture is that it f out when placed very closely to objects.

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  • 2014-02-18 16:51
  • Nvme