ATI targets the mobile market


The Canadian Company ATI Technologies Inc. announced the availability of the IMAGEON™ 2260, a multimedia processor that brings high quality video and imaging capabilities to mobile phones. This solution enables the convergence between communication handsets and digital still cameras and video player/recorders. IMAGEON 2260 is a highly integrated multimedia co-processor that offers handset manufacturers a unique opportunity for significant power, space and material cost reductions.

The IMAGEON 2260 offers fully self-contained graphics, video and imaging capabilities to perfectly complement communication baseband solutions. It enables high-quality (high-resolution, high-frame rate) video playback, video recording and two-way video conferencing. Handset manufacturers will benefit from IMAGEON 2260’s support for high-resolution (megapixel) camera modules, putting camera phones on par with entry-level digital still cameras.

IMAGEON 2260 offers the following features:

  • Support for high-quality MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services);
  • Still picture capture and processing (JPEG encode and decode) with support for high-resolution (megapixel) camera modules;
  • Video recording, playback or streaming up to CIF, 30 frames-per-second (Video encode and decode), plus simultaneous encode and decode for video conferencing;
  • Advanced 2D graphics acceleration;
  • Integrated frame buffer and LCD controller for space, cost and power saving;
  • Exceptional visual quality and display features.
ATI’s IMAGEON 2260 media co-processor mass production shipments will start in Q2 2004.



ATI targets the mobile market - reader comments

  • r6680jc

I thought Adreno was first developed bu ATI.

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  • PA7E
  • aXo

Does this look like a phone to you?

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  • 3c6D
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vat kind of phn it is

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