Audi Phone comes with Audi A1


It is a common practice leading car producers to manufacture cars with tight integration of mobile phones for benefiting the navigation, multimedia, security and other functionality - the last example of the result of such cooperation is the Renault Twingo Nokia edition with included Nokia 6110 Navigator. This time, Audi being apparently not satisfied with such sort of cooperation, introduces their own concept device dubbed the "Audi Mobile Device", which is a mobile phone that also takes full control over the car (please, don't loose it).

The Audi mobile phone has plain design and only tree buttons - call, end key and menu in the middle, as well as touch screen display. But beneath its minimalist vanilla look lies 3G functionality and Wi-Fi support. Intended more as a take-care-over-the-car device, it tackles functions as keyless entry, heating/cooling, navigation input, audio/video functions. The Audi phone has a dedicated comfortable slot, located over the gear-lever.

Audi mobile phone for Audi A1 Audi mobile phone for Audi A1 Audi mobile phone for Audi A1 Audi mobile phone for Audi A1
Audi mobile phone and its slot located over the gear-box

Other practical function of the Audi phone concerns the security or more exactly - the interim warnings of an intruder's break-in, as the phone is wirelessly linked with the car all the time. Moreover, as the car has an on-board camera, it snaps a photo of the intruder and auto-send it to Audi mobile device and finally, if the intruder eventually makes off with the car, the system will activate the integrated tracking function.

The first car that would be equipped with the Audi Mobile Device will be the Audi A1, that comes to replace the discontinued Audi A2.

Audi mobile phone for Audi A1 Audi mobile phone for Audi A1 Audi mobile phone for Audi A1 Audi mobile phone for Audi A1
Official photos of Audi A1

Well, this is a welcoming concept effort of the Audi's team and we'll be glad to see its in-life replica. Till then, don't try to open your Audi with a mobile phone - it won't work.




Audi Phone comes with Audi A1 - reader comments

  • Anonymous

te audi car is amazing and i like it very much!!! but the phone i wouldn't say that it is so ugly and unfunctional.. it is normal!i like the idea with the phone against the key but i dont understand anyone who have such a phone is free to stole t...

  • Reply
  • 2008-03-20 18:43
  • ms41
  • Marco Mecloen

I like the new audi and it's style it has i would not mind having one of my own proud south african MAKES

  • Reply
  • 2007-11-02 13:57
  • N9@x
  • Anonymous

ewww... the phone is so ugly, I would have expected a much better looking phone, the car is a stunner though. I'm much happier with my N95, and I can have any car and the phone has more functions

  • Reply
  • 2007-10-29 22:25
  • TSD6