Bars and pie charts: a survey into mobile phone usage and owners

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Android users are mostly males and iPod Touch owners are primarily teenagers. How do we know? We stumbled on a very interesting survey courtesy of AdMob, that's how. For example, did you know that iPhone users and Android users download the same number of apps monthly.

We'll let the charts do most of the talking, but we'll go over the highlights of the survey.

The regular iPhone owner and an Android phone owner would download eight or nine apps a month. The difference is that half the iPhone users would pay for one of those apps, while only 21% of Android users will spend any cash.

iPhone and Android users download the same nubmer of apps monthly

Then again, 57% of the apps in the Android Market are free versus 25% for the App Store. Interestingly, iPod Touch users buy 12 apps a month on average - more than the iPhone.

In the gender and age breakdown, iPhone, iPod Touch and WebOS hover around a fifty-fifty distribution between males and females, but 73% of Android users are male. The iPod Touch is popular with people 17 years old or younger (65% of all users).

Age and gender breakdown

The average ages for the platforms are: iPhone - 37 years, iPod Touch - 23, Android - 35 and WebOS - 36 (although only 2% of WebOS users are under 18).

Satisfaction from the platforms is generally high - 91% of iPhone owners will recommend buying an iPhone to a friend, for Android the percentage is 84% and only 69% of WebOS users will recommend it with 20% answering "maybe".

25% of the mobile Internet traffic is due to the iPhone and iPod Touch

Almost half of the Internet data traffic is generated by smartphones and 50% of that comes from Apples products. Android and Symbian generate about 20% of the traffic each and Windows Mobile is at the lowly 2%.

The report offers a lot more details - you can read it here (PDF file).




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Read this in report: "There were 963 total respondents: 318 Android, 244 iPhone, 356 iPod touch and 45 webOS. The survey was run from February 5th - February 16th. The geographic representation of the respondents was designed to approximate th...

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