Battery life test results

Welcome to the GSMArena battery life tool. This page puts together the stats for all battery life tests we've done, conveniently listed for a quick and easy comparison between models. You can sort the table by either overall rating or by any of the individual test components that's most important to you - call time, video playback or web browsing. You can find all about our testing procedures here.

Our overall rating gives you an idea of how much battery backup you can get on a single charge. An overall rating of 40h means that you'll need to fully charge the device in question once every 40 hours if you do one hour of 3G calls, one hour of video playback and one hour of web browsing daily. The score factors in the power consumption in these three disciplines along with the real-life standby power consumption, which we also measure separately.

Best of all, if the way we compute our overall rating does not correspond to your usage pattern, you are free to adjust the different usage components to get a closer match. Use the sliders below to adjust the approximate usage time for each of the three battery draining components.

Customize usage pattern

Calls: 1:00h
Web browsing: 1:00h
Video playback: 1:00h
To get a custom rating, usage must include at least half an hour of something.

Samsung Galaxy S6 active109h26:29h16:25h18:03h109h
Nokia Lumia 1520107h28:34h12:40h12:31h107h
Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G106h33:19h16:41h18:01h106h
Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet LTE105h28:25h15:05h14:58h105h
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact101h16:40h14:52h15:03h101h
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 LTE101h46:44h9:16h12:10h101h
LG G Flex97h25:19h9:31h19:57h97h
Sony Xperia T2 Ultra96h25:16h12:17h13:12h96h
Sony Xperia C3 Dual91h22:11h11:47h12:22h91h
Motorola DROID Turbo90h30:09h11:31h13:41h90h
Samsung Galaxy Note 490h28:31h11:01h17:52h90h
Sony Xperia Z289h22:13h11:32h12:16h89h
Meizu MX489h16:25h14:06h9:31h89h
Sony Xperia E488h11:07h16:40h9:00h88h
Motorola RAZR MAXX87h21:18h9:12h16:35h87h
Sony Xperia Z385h23:13h12:03h11:47h85h
Samsung Galaxy A7 Duos83h25:12h9:30h9:58h83h
Samsung Galaxy S583h27:37h9:39h11:15h83h
Motorola Moto E (2nd gen)82h22:36h12:42h13:04h82h
Huawei Ascend Mate81h25:12h8:17h12:18h81h
LG G281h25:15h11:42h9:28h81h
HTC One Max81h22:13h11:20h13:11h81h
HTC Butterfly S81h19:14h11:07h9:03h81h
Samsung P6800 Galaxy Tab 7.780h25:45h6:54h11:37h80h
Asus PadFone X80h18:45h11:07h11:01h80h
Apple iPhone 6 Plus79h23:49h9:05h11:15h79h
Oppo N179h25:01h9:05h11:15h79h
HTC One (M8) for Windows79h28:34h12:31h11:15h79h
HTC One (E8)77h17:47h10:02h11:16h77h
HTC One (M8)77h14:15h12:29h10:11h77h
Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM76h23:09h10:23h9:43h76h
Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE76h23:09h10:23h9:43h76h
LG G2 mini76h18:11h11:02h10:23h76h
Samsung Galaxy E776h20:04h8:17h14:57h76h
Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE Dual SIM76h23:09h10:23h9:43h76h
Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro76h33:20h7:42h7:29h76h
Sony Xperia E375h14:28h9:48h8:26h75h
Samsung Galaxy Note 375h18:12h9:04h13:32h75h
Nokia Lumia 132075h22:13h10:58h9:17h75h
Sony Xperia T375h19:48h9:23h9:56h75h
Samsung Galaxy A574h18:02h11:36h9:18h74h
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL LTE74h29:46h10:14h8:40h74h
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL LTE Dual SIM74h29:46h10:14h8:40h74h
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo74h24:52h9:43h11:38h74h
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL74h29:46h10:14h8:40h74h
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM74h29:46h10:14h8:40h74h
Samsung Galaxy S673h19:48h10:56h12:12h73h
LG AKA73h23:20h10:38h11:54h73h
BlackBerry Passport73h25:12h10:12h10:46h73h
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge73h19:48h10:56h12:12h73h
Samsung Galaxy S5 mini72h12:18h13:14h11:02h72h
Sony Xperia M2 Aqua71h16:39h8:38h9:21h71h
Samsung Galaxy S5 Active70h20:01h9:05h12:51h70h
HTC Desire 51070h14:06h10:53h9:54h70h
Motorola Nexus 670h25:03h7:54h10:01h70h
HTC Desire Eye70h19:11h10:02h10:35h70h
Samsung I9505 Galaxy S469h18:03h7:24h12:30h69h
Samsung Galaxy A5 Duos69h18:02h11:36h9:18h69h
Samsung Galaxy Note II N710069h16:57h8:48h11:27h69h
Nokia Lumia 83068h14:56h10:36h9:58h68h
Xiaomi Mi 468h18:15h9:31h7:00h68h
Sony Xperia C68h13:29h12:45h12:53h68h
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge68h21:39h9:20h10:41h68h
Meizu MX4 Pro67h22:09h10:24h12:41h67h
Huawei Honor 667h17:13h12:59h12:51h67h
Xiaomi Mi 4i67h21:02h8:27h10:11h67h
Huawei Ascend Mate767h20:06h13:53h14:04h67h
Samsung Galaxy K zoom67h16:01h9:10h10:08h67h
Sony Xperia M267h16:40h9:48h10:04h67h
Meizu m1 note66h14:53h13:05h11:09h66h
Xiaomi Mi 366h13:28h8:04h9:28h66h
OnePlus One66h19:56h9:46h11:23h66h
HTC Butterfly 266h19:23h13:11h10:26h66h
Nokia Lumia 63066h13:20h10:18h10:00h66h
Nokia Lumia 63566h14:17h10:00h10:00h66h
Sony Xperia Z3+65h16:13h11:51h7:46h65h
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact65h20:42h12:37h10:01h65h
Samsung Galaxy A365h20:04h7:36h8:34h65h
Samsung I9500 Galaxy S465h11:01h6:58h11:29h65h
Oppo N364h14:14h8:16h9:49h64h
Microsoft Lumia 435 Dual SIM64h15:50h9:22h8:27h64h
Motorola RAZR i XT89064h20:07h7:06h8:11h64h
Motorola Moto G 4G64h14:17h10:52h7:27h64h
HTC Desire 81664h14:46h11:48h10:34h64h
Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus63h22:42h6:02h5:16h63h
LG G363h25:38h6:29h8:30h63h
Samsung Galaxy Core LTE62h22:13h9:37h5:34h62h
HTC One M962h20:44h7:31h8:21h62h
Huawei MediaPad 7 Vogue62h22:16h7:23h6:40h62h
Nokia XL62h10:45h11:54h6:28h62h
Sony Xperia ZR62h17:48h11:20h7:30h62h
LG G Flex262h17:51h6:16h10:35h62h
LG G Pro 261h25:37h9:31h5:49h61h
Nokia Lumia 102061h22:13h5:50h13:12h61h
Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX61h20:24h7:23h14:17h61h
Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom61h15:32h8:51h9:30h61h
Apple iPhone 661h12:23h10:29h9:24h61h
Archos 50 Diamond60h15:23h7:20h8:24h60h
Motorola Moto E Dual SIM60h16:38h8:42h6:31h60h
Nokia Lumia 72060h15:17h7:37h6:43h60h
Samsung ATIV SE60h22:05h7:12h10:07h60h
Microsoft Lumia 532 Dual SIM60h14:24h10:52h8:51h60h
Motorola Moto E60h16:38h8:42h6:31h60h
Samsung Galaxy A3 Duos60h20:04h7:36h8:34h60h
Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I920060h19:54h8:17h8:34h60h
Oppo Find 7a60h18:11h7:09h9:19h60h
HTC One E9+59h12:07h8:05h7:00h59h
Nokia Lumia 73559h17:30h8:20h10:20h59h
Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo59h13:20h7:43h6:55h59h
Samsung Galaxy Express I873059h10:00h7:09h10:00h59h
Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML59h15:47h7:52h8:34h59h
Microsoft Lumia 43558h15:50h9:22h8:27h58h
Samsung Ativ Odyssey I93057h16:41h9:54h8:59h57h
HTC First57h12:31h6:39h10:03h57h
Samsung I9295 Galaxy S4 Active57h16:40h7:35h7:03h57h
Yota YotaPhone 257h22:09h6:23h7:41h57h
Sony Xperia E156h12:30h11:30h6:12h56h
Samsung Galaxy Grand I908256h12:45h7:09h8:11h56h
Oppo R1x56h12:33h9:10h9:02h56h
Asus PadFone 256h11:20h8:20h7:38h56h
Oppo R81956h19:03h6:01h5:54h56h
BlackBerry Q1056h20:00h8:42h11:15h56h
BlackBerry Q555h14:31h10:04h12:28h55h
Xiaomi Redmi 255h12:33h5:41h8:01h55h
Gionee Elife S5.155h8:55h7:04h6:06h55h
Motorola DROID RAZR M55h12:31h7:42h9:00h55h
Xiaomi Redmi Note55h21:41h5:53h5:18h55h
Microsoft Lumia 53255h14:24h10:52h8:51h55h
Alcatel Hero55h25:02h9:40h9:49h55h
Samsung I9190 Galaxy S4 mini54h13:10h9:47h13:12h54h
Motorola Moto G54h13:41h9:04h6:37h54h
Lenovo S90 Sisley54h10:00h7:00h7:30h54h
Sony Xperia M54h12:31h7:09h9:49h54h
Apple iPhone 5s54h10:46h9:58h10:31h54h
LG G454h16:40h7:54h7:23h54h
Huawei Ascend P753h13:36h7:13h8:10h53h
HTC Desire 600 dual sim53h11:58h6:34h6:49h53h
Sony Xperia Z153h26:53h5:59h6:12h53h
Sony Xperia Z Ultra52h24:23h5:23h8:45h52h
Samsung I8530 Galaxy Beam52h11:58h5:28h9:42h52h
Apple iPhone 5c52h10:18h9:05h7:41h52h
HTC Desire 616 dual sim52h13:00h5:24h5:15h52h
HTC Desire 700 dual sim52h16:56h12:30h6:26h52h
Samsung Galaxy Alpha52h13:20h8:25h8:05h52h
ZTE Blade S651h15:01h7:01h8:00h51h
Sony Xperia SP51h19:49h6:18h7:27h51h
Apple iPhone 551h8:42h9:56h10:12h51h
Samsung Galaxy Premier I926051h11:30h6:40h12:51h51h
Xiaomi Redmi 1S51h14:51h6:54h6:42h51h
Sony Xperia J50h9:14h7:06h8:11h50h
LG Optimus G Pro E98550h20:45h6:40h8:40h50h
Motorola Moto G (2nd gen)50h11:49h6:37h6:05h50h
Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III50h10:15h6:27h9:27h50h
Lenovo Vibe X250h12:30h8:01h5:09h50h
Samsung I9105 Galaxy S II Plus50h11:06h6:40h10:00h50h
HTC One mini 250h09:58h06:33h06:05h50h
HTC Desire 82049h14:17h9:10h7:10h49h
Nokia Lumia 52049h13:33h7:15h5:50h49h
Samsung Galaxy Core I826049h11:52h6:54h7:30h49h
HTC Desire 820 dual sim49h14:17h9:10h7:10h49h
HTC DROID DNA49h11:07h6:40h7:30h49h
Sony Xperia Z48h16:03h6:37h5:39h48h
Pantech Discover48h14:17h5:33h6:55h48h
Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen)48h14:45h7:11h7:31h48h
Gionee Elife S5.548h11:32h5:10h6:02h48h
HTC One48h13:38h9:58h10:02h48h
Xiaomi Mi Note48h14:31h6:19h6:32h48h
Samsung S7710 Galaxy Xcover 248h10:03h6:35h7:30h48h
Nokia Lumia 81048h9:05h8:20h6:26h48h
Sony Xperia E4g47h11:07h11:32h6:00h47h
HTC Desire 50047h11:31h6:31h7:50h47h
Nokia Lumia 93046h16:40h4:57h5:48h46h
BlackBerry Z1046h8:20h6:27h8:44h46h
Huawei Ascend P646h14:17h6:30h6:55h46h
Alcatel Idol X+45h14:41h5:55h6:29h45h
Samsung Galaxy Grand 245h19:55h9:05h8:41h45h
Apple iPhone 4s45h7:41h6:56h9:24h45h
HTC Butterfly45h12:18h6:24h8:28h45h
Samsung Rugby Smart I84745h7:09h5:53h9:34h45h
LG Optimus G E97545h15:30h5:15h7:16h45h
Microsoft Lumia 535 Dual SIM44h12:15h5:21h5:27h44h
HTC One X+44h13:31h7:56h8:11h44h
Oppo Find 744h20:03h5:02h5:58h44h
Sony Xperia ZL44h15:22h6:04h5:28h44h
Nokia Lumia 92044h8:56h5:40h6:19h44h
Nokia Lumia 51044h8:22h6:13h6:23h44h
Samsung S8600 Wave 344h11:07h5:34h7:52h44h
Samsung Galaxy S Duos S756243h8:28h5:23h4:30h43h
Nokia Lumia 61043h8:51h8:01h7:23h43h
Oppo Find 543h14:17h5:33h5:18h43h
Acer Liquid Jade S43h16:51h4:54h4:31h43h
HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE42h11:25h5:48h6:51h42h
Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III mini42h6:22h7:38h7:46h42h
Sony Ericsson Xperia neo V42h8:41h4:20h7:45h42h
HTC Vivid42h9:02h4:46h6:00h42h
LG Optimus L9 P76042h11:07h5:02h5:53h42h
HTC Desire X42h11:03h5:16h5:38h42h
Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S680242h6:53h4:45h6:25h42h
Sony Xperia E41h6:40h6:40h9:00h41h
Nokia Lumia 92841h12:27h5:36h6:54h41h
Nokia Lumia 82040h7:09h4:24h6:25h40h
Samsung Galaxy Note I71740h8:02h5:24h7:30h40h
Nokia Lumia Icon40h14:15h5:17h7:34h40h
Samsung Galaxy S III I74740h12:18h6:16h8:14h40h
Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II40h8:35h4:24h8:00h40h
HTC One mini40h12:04h8:12h7:23h40h
LG Optimus 4X HD P88040h7:41h3:59h4:14h40h
HTC Sensation XL40h9:30h5:20h6:12h40h
Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G T76939h7:14h5:45h7:33h39h
Meizu MX39h8:39h4:35h5:27h39h
Samsung i927 Captivate Glide39h8:20h5:33h6:04h39h
Sony Xperia L39h12:30h6:40h4:44h39h
LG Optimus GJ E975W39h12:39h7:11h8:15h39h
BlackBerry Curve 938039h6:52h6:40h5:09h39h
Nokia N939h6:57h4:33h8:40h39h
Samsung Galaxy Note N700039h12:14h3:35h8:25h39h
HTC Rhyme39h8:48h5:08h5:23h39h
Motorola Moto X39h14:06h8:17h10:01h39h
Samsung Galaxy mini 2 S650038h6:28h6:03h9:22h38h
LG Nexus 538h10:01h4:45h5:01h38h
Nokia Lumia 90038h7:21h5:25h6:37h38h
Meizu MX 4-core38h10:00h5:19h6:33h38h
Samsung Focus S I93738h7:25h6:15h7:55h38h
HTC One SV38h11:07h6:15h6:55h38h
Oppo R538h9:45h4:05h5:27h38h
Nokia X38h11:13h4:55h6:10h38h
Sony Ericsson Xperia pro37h6:57h4:50h5:44h37h
LG Optimus Vu F100S37h7:57h4:49h6:23h37h
HTC One X37h9:57h4:18h5:45h37h
Motorola ATRIX HD MB88636h9:04h6:40h6:01h36h
Sony Xperia acro S36h7:09h5:16h5:38h36h
Sony Xperia T36h8:15h5:33h6:01h36h
Nokia Lumia 62036h14:17h3:50h6:32h36h
Meizu MX336h11:02h7:09h5:38h36h
Samsung I9103 Galaxy R36h9:40h5:07h6:21h36h
HTC One S35h9:42h4:03h9:28h35h
BlackBerry Bold 979035h5:00h4:02h5:47h35h
HTC One S C235h9:42h4:03h9:28h35h
Nokia Lumia 80035h8:25h4:07h5:52h35h
Nokia 808 PureView34h5:16h4:14h9:53h34h
HTC Radar34h6:53h7:17h5:54h34h
Samsung Galaxy Ace 334h9:32h6:38h6:54h34h
LG Optimus 3D Max P72034h8:42h4:10h3:28h34h
Samsung Galaxy Pocket S530034h5:54h3:47h6:06h34h
Huawei Ascend P134h12:30h3:23h7:38h34h
Samsung Galaxy Fame S681033h8:21h5:55h5:02h33h
LG Nexus 4 E96032h14:17h4:34h4:55h32h
HTC Rezound32h8:10h5:16h5:03h32h
Samsung Galaxy Nexus I925031h8:23h3:01h6:02h31h
HTC Windows Phone 8X31h11:07h6:01h6:27h31h
HTC One V31h10:00h6:49h5:20h31h
Pantech Burst31h4:46h5:51h5:38h31h
Sony Xperia ion LTE31h5:52h5:56h6:03h31h
Sony Xperia E dual30h6:42h7:42h6:27h30h
Acer CloudMobile S50030h9:05h4:32h5:18h30h
Nokia Lumia 900 AT&T29h5:53h4:10h5:18h29h
Sony Xperia P28h5:58h3:59h4:30h28h
LG Nitro HD28h5:16h4:00h4:17h28h
Nokia Lumia 71027h9:05h3:51h3:27h27h
HTC Titan II23h5:10h4:05h5:50h23h