MWC 2009: The top 7 things we wish we took home

GSMArena team, 26 February 2009.
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Palm Pre new WebOS

Now, you've probably heard all about the Palm's new webOS and someone might have even told you its the next best thing since sliced bread. No, seriously, it may as well be that good.

The Palm webOS was first presented back in January 2009 at CES 2009. Back then it made a big splash and had all of us on this side of the North Atlantic envious that it was only going to be available on the CDMA only Palm Pre.

At the MWC 2009 Palm debuted the GSM version of the Palm Pre and after a series of cross-examinations one of the Palm reps finally admitted that it should be out by the end of the year. So don't hold your breath just yet.

Palm Pre Palm Pre Palm Pre Palm Pre
Palm Pre at MWC 2009: the first Palm device with WebOS

Still, the Palm web is a wonderful OS that easily had the Apple iPhone on the alert when it was first announced two years ago.

Palm had live demos of the OS running all day by specially trained staff that barely let anyone touch the Palm Pre units. The presentation of the Palm Pre and its webOS takes a good half hour but if you have the time we promise you it's worth it.

Have a look:

One of the hip features of the Palm Pre is the optional Touchstone charging dock. Once you get yourself the dock and a new magnetic back cover for your Palm Pre (all sold separately) you can charge the device by simply placing it on top of the Touchstone. No plugs or wires needed! And if that ain't cool...

Palm Pre Palm Pre Palm Pre Palm Pre
The arc-shaped slider and its innovative charger in action

Now that we saw Palm Pre finally appearing at the localized Palm websites for the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, we guess the announcement of the GSM version of Palm Pre is just around the corner.

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