BlackBerry OS 10 devs can get a special edition red Z10

05 February, 2013 | Comments (32) | Post your comment

BlackBerry knows how important a rich app store is and it has been hard at work courting developers to bring their apps to BlackBerry World. The latest treat it offers is a special, limited edition of the BlackBerry Z10 – with a cool red paint job.

The BlackBerry Z10 units for regular users are either Black or White, but if you submit a BlackBerry 10 OS app by the end of this month you can get one of the 12,000 limited edition ones.

BlackBerry is mum on plans to sell red Z10s to users in the future – for now the color is reserved for a special “thank you” to developers. It is pretty certain that at least a few hundreds of those will end up on eBay, though, so you will have your chance at snatching one. Pricing will be a whole different matter, of course.

Anyway, if you are a BB10 OS dev, check out this post at BlackBerry's DevBlog for more info on how you can snag one.

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BlackBerry OS 10 devs can get a special edition red Z10 - reader comments

  • naian

I agree fancy!!!

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  • 2013-02-21 05:18
  • tE$F
  • fancy

What's really mind boggling is that people who gives negative feedback about a product sits on this site all day only only to give their 2cents for the thrill of attention, if you dont like a product, that is your perogative, dont buy it, dont use it...

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  • 2013-02-07 15:06
  • fjH2
  • Drew

Yep, BBOS largely sucked that's why they replaced it with QNX in Z10.

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  • 2013-02-06 15:40
  • 0Ccu