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This phone is great! I have not felt this happy about a device since my old SE W800i came out. It's a simple solution that goes along with many other posts. I have used Symbian, Windows, Linux, and just about everything else under the sun so that I download buggy software to send e-mail that only worked 50% of the time at best. RIM specializes in e-mail, so why didn't I get one before? Because they were HUGE, cheap feeling, ugly, and lacked fun. This phone is GORGEOUS, nice weight, good feel, fits in a pocket, and has some goodies too.

First of all to those people that are calling it ugly based on pictures, shut the hell up and go and hold it in your hand before you say anything- I can barely recognize my phone from these pictures. Once you get used to typing and using the trackball everything gets done lightning fast.

There are no lags in the menus- something that really made me mad in Symbian (N93) and Windows (QTEK 9100) devices.

Messaging is effortless.

Reception is awesome, out of 5 bars it's rare to have less than 4- I live in the Miami Fl and have T-Mobile.

The battery is what is surprising it lasts me a whole 16 hours of heavy use (believe me, the screen dims into idle for no more than about 3 seconds before I'm using it again) this is something I have only seen in the SE phones, my old W800i lasted me 22 hours but not as intuitive as this device. Most devices that I have had only last me 4 or 5 hours, if any of you know me I am ALWAYS on my phone.

Call clarity is great (I have had better but out of 10 this is a 9), speakerphone is loud

Bluetooth connections are strong

Screen is beautiful

Media functions are all there for the most part: mp3 player, 1.3 Mp camera, ringtones, video

IM and internet browsing is great, quick and responsive

Now to play devilís advocate:

The contact list should have at least one other piece of information besides the name (ie, e-mail or phone number)

It takes some work to use the Bluetooth, transferring data requires almost redundant navigation through the menus

Sometimes on the speakerphone people cannot hear me even if Iím right on it but they can hear someone talking from 5 feet away, it sounds like positioning error but I have tried many things to fix it to no avail

For some reason or other the phone decides to be on silent even when I have the volume all the way up and play with the sound settings (no ringing, not menu sounds, no mp3, nothing) powercycling does nothing, if I take out the battery and put it back in then the sound comes back, I have done that a few times. It happens on my friendís pearl as well

No video record

Memory card is not hot swappable

I think thatís it but I would like to address some other things, most of these come with a quick fix that is not too intrusive. For those of you complaining about the camera, T-Mobile restricts video camera use and yes itís only 1.3 Mp; this is perfect if I just want to take a quick shot of something. If I wanted nice pictures I would use my 15Mp Sony for that, if I wanted a video I would use a video camera- not a phone so get over it. Overall itís a wonderful device that I would recommend to anyone, and to all my fellow T-Mobile agents: despite what the ICM says if the blackberry servers are always down then it must work damn perfect when they are up because it works great ALL the time. Besides how many times do we actually take calls from people having problems with their blackberry? Answer 1/500 and thatís a lot. Thank you for reading.

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  • 2006-10-13 12:42
  • jj6i
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can anyone tell me how to bring up my excel and pdf viewer having problems cheers

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  • 2006-10-13 10:41
  • MF{P
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Can anyone tell me how to send pics in txt messages?I cant seem to work it. thanx

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  • 2006-10-12 01:28
  • kM14
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Has anyone switched from Nokia E60 to Blackberry Pearl 8100?? If so, could you share your expieriences?? Thanks

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  • 2006-10-11 02:21
  • YfxD
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Good luck with the p990. My guess is you'll need it.

I've found from my failed experiment with the Nokia E series that I need a phone that WORKS in the real world, not that just has good specs on paper.

The Blackberry Pearl works perfectly NOW. This time next year, maybe I'll upgrade to one of the other phones, but I was spending too much time fighting buggy software, poor reception and third-party solutions to email. The Windows and Symbian phones have all the specs, but just don't work perfectly yet, and I was tired of being a beta tester at the expense of missed emails and countless hours dealing with tech support.

Simply put, the BB Pearl is the best combination I have found of form factor, features and performance.

The BB Pearl is not perfect, but it is the best I've found so far.

Have fun with the WiFi.

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  • 2006-10-10 20:43
  • jTpN
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i have to agree with faisel(although not in his technical terms!!)blackberrys always feel plasticy and cheap, a cameras is a welcome addition BUT no wifi is a big sacrifice.a decent business phone must utilise all aspects of market and the market is demanding wifi at the moment.its a shame, with wifi this would be almost perfect business phone. Sony ericsson p990 suits uses better in my opinion.

thanks for your time

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  • 2006-10-10 13:46
  • mr5s
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it dont taste like berry.they cheated me.

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  • 2006-10-10 11:02
  • 2Avr
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Hey guys 2 of my friends got this phone. they really love it. but in here it said that they will comming soon.... and the other thing that i wanna say is why it got 32chanels? why not more?

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  • 2006-10-09 22:11
  • St}Q
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Best phone I've ever owned. I was a treo user for 4 years and I've tried the symbian and windows mobile smartphones. There's no comparison. Cameras and wifi are nice, but if they don't get the phone and email right, their worthless. And who wants to carry around a big brick in their pocket or be that geek with a laptop strapped to their belt? The keyboard has been very responsive and seems sturdy to me. I haven't heard of anybody on the bb forums with keyboard problems.

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  • 2006-10-07 20:11
  • 4UkY
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Crap and the keypad has been super glued!

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  • 2006-10-07 14:48
  • TkyE
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what happen to wifi? NO WIFI?

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  • 2006-10-07 00:13
  • TeTy
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New phone and they still using 1.3 mp camera !!! it is shame

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  • 2006-10-05 06:43
  • S1xn
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Cant say enough about Blackberry, They've Come along way. Now with a 1.3 Meg Camera MP3 Player Great fetures easy to use. Never even opened the manual. Can you Say User Friendly!!!Great feal and one hand operational, unlike there previouse models. 2 Thumbs Up.

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  • 2006-10-03 22:32
  • jTIn
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I recently switched to an 8100 from a Nokia E70 and, before that, a treo 650. I just wanted to say that although I'm giving up a few advanced features(Qwerty, wifi, video, etc.) I totally LOVE this 8100.

I do miss how the E70 is a regular phone on the outside, but flips open to reveal a full, SPACIOUS Qwerty keyboard on the inside. I could use suretype for quick messages, yet flip it open for longer responses. BB should consider using the E70 form factor as they develop smaller devices (instead of cramming the Qwerty keys so close together, as we've seen in pictures of the upcoming 8800).

In any event, I have a question regarding the below post. My desktop manager does not have a modem option included. I know I installed it correctly, because I went back and checked the CD. How do I go about getting this functionality? Does T-mobile not support it? Is there somewhere on the web where I can download it into the Desktop Manager?

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  • 2006-09-28 01:17
  • jTpN
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+cgdcont=1,,"" (whoops, forgot the (") at the end of that...

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  • 2006-09-27 07:48
  • jyCb
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T-Mobile--- To connect it to your laptop as a modem, you first have to have Blackberry Desktop Manater running and it must show that the device is connected. If you installed the software correctly, it should be an option as a modem already. Now go to Phone and Modem Options under the Control Panel. On the Advanced tab, type in... [[[ +cgdcont=1,," ]]] (exclude the brackets) Then make a new connection and have it dial *99# as the phone number. Leave the user and password blank. It should work then.

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  • 2006-09-27 07:47
  • Rbq2
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I just wanted to second the comment below....thank you blackberry its about time you came out with a PDA that is going to blow the others away!! Just like on the mcdonalds commercial, "Im loving it"!!

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  • 2006-09-26 15:56
  • Bg1a
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Looks like RIM is coming out with a full qwerty keyboard/enterprise(no camera) version - Blackberry 8800.

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  • 2006-09-25 14:34
  • Tab5
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i am having problems with the video player. i'll put a video on then it plays for a sec then crashes. anyone else having this problem?

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  • 2006-09-23 23:44
  • 4xCu
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after using nokia e61 n m600i
i have decide to get this phone as a backup for
email device.
awsome phone...
im still wating for new version of bb connect for my other device...
as for now Im happy with my new bb pearl..

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  • 2006-09-23 10:45
  • 4Gfu
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