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Here my tutorial.

Connect the .thm files with .swf files easily.
No need to touch the computers.
Can connect with yur ph itself.
Download the app package from the following link.

It contains 16 jar files.
There yu can find.,
Blue FTP FileManager and
MiniCommander 4.2.
1. Instal both in yur ph.
2. Get a .thm file and .swf file that yu want to connect.
(The theme that yu have may already be connected with any flash menu or not.
Thats dosent the mater.)
3. Check wether the theme is working on yur ph.
4. Create a new folder anywhere in yur ph.
5. Use blue ftp filemanager to locate the theme file that yu want to connect.
6. Just press 5 on that theme. It'll go inside.
7. Select all content and press 1 for copy the selected items.
8. Paste the contents that yu copied inside from the theme, in the new folder.
(Press 3 for paste)
9. Now, open MiniCommander 4.2.
& Locate the new folder and go inside.
10. There yu can find theme.xml file.
11. Locate that file and press 4.
12. A menu pops up.
Select as UTF-8 From that menu.
13. Yur theme.xml file is opend as a txtfile now.
1. Search for the following Lines in yurtheme.xml

(XXXXX Is the name of the flash menu that yur theme is linked already.)
2. Press fire key in yur ph to edit the theme.xml.
3. Edit the name of the flash menu(XXXXX),
into the name of the .swf file that yu have for linking.
4. Press the left soft key twice to save the file.
1. Press fire key to edit.
2. Add the following codings,

(XXXXX Is the name of the .swf flash menu that yu have for linking.)
3. Press left soft key twice to save yur changes.
14. Exit MiniCommander.
15. Open blue ftp and select all the contents inside the new folder that yu created.
16. Go to menu and select the
"Compress items (thm)"
17. Change the filename and press ok.
18. Now the theme is there in the new folder.
Thats it.
The theme is now connected with the flash menu.
Put the flash menu in
tpa>preset>system> desktop>flash.
This is simple process ever to connect the theme with a flash menu.
The procedure that I written is very long.
Coz I wrote as step by step process.
But its a 2-3mins work in yur ph.

13. Yur theme.xml file is opend as a
txtfile now.
1. Search for the following Lines in
yur theme.xml

Desktop_style Type="File" Source="xxxxxx.swf"

(XXXXX Is the name of the flash menu
that yur theme is linked already.)
1. Press fire key to edit.
2. Add the following codings,

Desktop_style Type="File" Source="XXXXXX.swf"

(XXXXX Is the name of the .swf flash
menu that yu have for linking.)

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  • 2011-09-26 20:18
  • vw6y
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i had the opportunity to say sorry, but i didnt, but when i wanted to say sorry i was too late as i had lost the opportunity...

always never lose an opportunity which comes in your way, as it will never come to you again in the same way...

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  • 2011-07-22 16:42
  • vw6y
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  • 2011-03-10 21:57
  • vw6y
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(dailymotion is ok).had to be converted using nerodigital or into total video convertor 3.14's sony mp4 format

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  • 2011-03-10 21:51
  • vw6y
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  • 2011-03-09 20:59
  • vw6y
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97477860082 irrate with fone 100QR to seell fone

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  • 2011-01-26 17:05
  • vw6y
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Close of Call:

Is there anything else I can help you with?

You have been speaking to (Name)

Thank You for calling Vodafone


اي خدمه ثاني&­;#1607; .
(الاس&am­p;#1605;) كان معاك.
شكرا&­;#1611; على اتصا&­;#1604;ك بفود&­;#1575;فون.

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  • 2011-01-26 12:31
  • vw6y
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Welcome to Vodafone, (name) speaking, how can I help you?


فودا&­;#1601;ون السل&­;#1575;م عليك&­;#1605; ( اسم ) معاك, تفضل..

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  • 2011-01-26 12:27
  • vw6y
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english arabic present past future he she singular plural
investors mustasmeroon mustasmer mustasmerah
shareholders musahmeen musahim musahimah
promotion ardh arood
mobile jawwal / hatif
network shabakah
lcd shasha
pin code raqam sirri
sim shariya
local mahallia
international daulia
roaming tijwwal
plans hazmah
connection khat
back khalf
menu qa'emah
press edghat
zone mentakah
acess dukhool (istateh)
help mosadah
delete lahzif
save lahfiz
divert tahweel
more mazeed
get hasal
call tassal/mookalamat
information maloomath
special khas
question sawal
ask is'al
property milkiya
value soaf
return aud / irja^a
assist yousa^ad
belong yakhoss
change yaugha^ir
collect yajmah
delay ta'akhar takharat
explain yashrah
follow yatba^
interfere tatadakhal
submit yoqaddim
order talabiya
pull yajur / ishab
receive yastalim
receiver mustalim
received mustalam
refuse yarfudh
register sajjil
offer taqdeem al

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  • 2011-01-26 11:38
  • vw6y
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sai nagar,spring club

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  • 2011-01-11 19:16
  • vw6y
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  • 2010-12-30 18:56
  • vw6y
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Opening Verbiage:-
Namaskaaram !
Vodafonilekku swaagatham.
Thaankal samsaarikkunnethu Gishayodaanu.
Njaan thaankalkku enthu sahaaayamaanu cheyyendethu?
Closing Verbiage::-
Thaankal samsaarichathu Gishayodaanu.
Vodafonilekku vilichethinu nanni.
NB:- Those Who Dont follow the correct Opening and Closing Verbiage,they'll be mark down for Phone ettiquet

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  • 2010-12-30 18:44
  • vw6y
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> In reply to suman Q @ 2010-12-25 19:15 from vw6y - click to readHi Suman, which cell r u using?

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  • 2010-12-25 21:58
  • vw6y
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> In reply to ash @ 2010-12-25 14:23 from vw6y - click to readYa my cell is doing well, heard u got a new one

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  • 2010-12-25 21:56
  • vw6y
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I am a poor person working as a labour using this phone for last 3 years .
according to me this is the best phone MY NO is 97477596471 suman

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  • 2010-12-25 19:15
  • vw6y
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> In reply to [deleted post](Doing fine. Is ur stupid cell still working?? )

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  • 2010-12-25 14:35
  • vw6y
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hi chotu how is ur cell

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  • 2010-12-25 14:23
  • vw6y
  • U­ions_enu/start.swe?SWECmd=Start&­

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  • 2010-12-25 14:22
  • vw6y
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i like this phone

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  • 2010-12-24 18:55
  • vw6y
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This phone should this Quality
 Establish Call Reason
 Match the Solution to the Customer's Needs
 Troubleshoot Accurately and Efficiently
 Educated Customer Beyond Their Initial Enquiry
 Follow Up
 System use 40% INFORM & INVITE



a. Establish Call Reason
 Agent is able to establish the customer's call reason (CR)
 Agent uses effective questions in a logical sequence to establish CR

b. Match the Solution to the Customer's Needs
 Present the customer with options and recommendations
 Address all points that the customer raises

c. Troubleshoot Accurately and Efficiently
 Agent gave all accurate and relevant information to customer
 Agent followed the correct and most efficient troubleshooting steps
 Agent did not ask customer to call back effectively

d. Educated Customer Beyond Their Initial Enquiry
 Recognise any additional information that may be of use to the customer and that may prevent an unnecessary call back.
 Educate customer on relevant products & /or services (including self service) that may be helpful for the customer
 Guide customer through self service if required

e. Follow Up
 Deal appropriately with feedback
 Follow up with customer if a follow up is promised or required

f. System
 Agent includes an full and accurate memo
 Agent qualifies the call as required
 Agent takes all required steps on SIEBEL or other system


Inform & Invite

a. Greeting
 Agent is ready to take the call
 Agent used the appropriate greeting

b. Language
 Agent speaks to customer courteously and professionally demonstrating good knowledge.
 Agent uses positive rather than neutral or negative language.
 Agent matches the customer's style and doesn't use jargon.

c. Explanation
 Agent's explanations and/or instructions are clear
 Agent fills the silence appropriately
 Agent addresses one point at a time
 Agent highlights benefits of products and services for the customer
 Agent matches the customer's level of knowledge

d. Checking questions
 Agent will use checking questions to gain customers agreement and ensure the customer is comfortable with the information that has been given before moving to the next point
 At the end of the call, agent offers customer extra assistance

e. Wrap up & Closing
 When appropriate agent summarizes actions taken or information give to customer
 Agent uses a polite and natural greeting (not scripted) in order to maintain the rapport he/she established.

Listen & Acknowledge

a. Listen
 Agent actively listens to customer without interruption of clipping of customer's sentences
 Agent doesn't ask customer to repeat him/herself
 Agent paraphrases customer's query when appropriate

b. Acknowledge
 Agent responds appropriately to customer in a timely manner.
 Agent uses verbal nods appropriately.
 Agent uses customer's name.
 When required, agent will use empathy and/or reassurance statements.
 Agent tries to build rapport with customer by responding to humour and taking opportunities to engage with customer.

Vocal Impact

Agent uses the below tools to project a friendly, positive and enthusiastic attitude:
a. Energy Agent's tone fluctuates in a natural manner to show enthusiasm
b. Pace Agent uses an appropriate pace for the customer
c. Volume Agent's voice is loud enough to be clear and demonstrate interest
d. Articulation Agent articulates appropriately and his/her words are clear and comprehensive
e. Pitch Agent uses an appropriate pitch
f. Stress Agent emphasizes the right syllable and words to get his/her meaning across

1. Rating

The scores are on each section on a five point scale.

 GOLD Agent provided the ultimate customer experience taking advantage of all opportunities to help customer, personalized the customer's experience and/or was creative in his/her solutions.
 INSPIRED Agent delivered service worthy of praise going beyond the customer's initial enquiry
 BASIC Agent did the basics on the call but missed some opportunities to optimize the customer's experience
 DISAPPOINTING Agent delivered a negative customer experience
 UNACCEPTABLE Agent's actions resulted in a damaging customer experience

The categories and the numerical value.

Gold = 5
Inspired = 4
Basic = 3
Disappointing = 2
Unacceptable = 1

2. Mistreats

Certain actions on the phone will result in a full or partial mistreat. This auto-fail feature results in score of Unacceptable (1) in the entire call or in a particular section.

a. Mistreat reasons:
i. Breach of privacy:
 Agent did not carry out the security questions correctly
 Agent released information or took action on the account before going through with the security questions
ii. Agent was rude with the customer
iii. Agent hung up on a customer without following the correct process
iv. Unethical behavior: (These will also be escalated to manager immediately)

 Agent badmouthed Vodafone
 Agent was encouraged customer to engage in fraudulent activity

v. WHAT - Agent scores Unacceptable in the ownership section
 Not adhering to VF policy (for example not advising customer of all terms and conditions)
 Not calling the customer back when promised
 Not escalating the call when the customer requires

vi. HOW Agent scores Unacceptable in the soft skills section
 Not answering the call within 3 seconds.
 Putting the customer on mute or hold without dealing with his/her query first.


This score would be based on variable attributes required by the business which do not directly impact the customer experience.

Agent used company greeting
Agent included full and accurate Siebel activity
Agent mentioned required promotion

These sections would be scored as Yes or No and depending on the weights assigned to them, the agent will receive score expressed in percentage.

The call centre target, in line with VF strategy and reflected in agent KPIs, is inspired.

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  • 2010-12-24 15:42
  • vw6y
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