British Telecom sues Google over six US patents

19 December, 2011 | Comments (29) | Post your comment

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Google broke all sorts of records with its Android operating system, but its rapid growth is coming at a pretty high price. There's already a lengthy list of companies that want a piece of the search giant's healthy income and we just heard there's a new addition to it.

British Telecommunications plc (more commonly known as British Telecom) has filed a lawsuit with the Delaware US District Court, claiming that Google is infringing six of its patents with its services and the Android platform.

British Telecom is demanding triple damages for willful and deliberate infringement of its patents as well as an injunction against the violating services. The patents in question concern Google Music, Google Maps, Google Search, Google+ and even Google Offers.

For the legal specifics of the case follow the source link for the full text of the complaint, filled by BT.





British Telecom sues Google over six US patents - reader comments

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  • 2012-01-05 19:22
  • m}9e
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BT found out (after all this time) that google search and google maps are infringing on their patents!!!

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  • 2011-12-21 13:04
  • ut}u
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I'm an Android fan, but hope BT sues the hell out of Google. Google is becoming the largest, most predatory, most evil big brother company on earth. A company who can make an easy buck on a product that costs little to produce - software and advertis...

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  • 2011-12-20 14:04
  • nIdA