Canadian Galaxy S III will get 50GB of Dropbox storage

17 June, 2012 | Comments (22) | Post your comment

Back when the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S III was announced, we reported that it will be getting 50GB of Dropbox storage for free. That's 48GB in addition to the usual 2GB you get after creating an account.

However, when the devices arrived stateside, the US carriers AT&T and Verizon chose to opt out of this service on their version of the Galaxy S III. After that rumors started circulating that the Canadian carriers will do the same. Fortunately, Samsung has announced that the Canadian version of the handset will in fact be getting the 50GB Dropbox storage, that too on all carriers. Hopefully, this should help reduce the inconvenience of having to wait another week to get the phone.

As before, the 50GB Dropbox storage is only available for a period of two-years. After that, you will have to opt for one of Dropbox's premium subscription plans if you intend to continue using the extra 48GB of storage space.





Canadian Galaxy S III will get 50GB of Dropbox storage - reader comments

  • slimmy

Had trouble with mine as well but "inviting friends" enabled the 50GB for me

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  • 2012-10-07 19:19
  • IkcZ
  • Anonymous

Yeah, but when the time comes to start paying, they've got all your stuff. :-(

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  • 2012-07-18 00:47
  • nEVH
  • Superlex7

in the UK, ALL Xperia handsets get 50GB dropbox storage. Get an Xperia S!!!

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  • 2012-06-20 09:56
  • Sh1K