Emotions from Siemens - CX70 Emoty

10 Sep, 2004 | Post your comment

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Today Siemens Mobile unveiled the CX70 Emoty – a multimedia handset that enables consumers to share emotions with others in a new way. The CX70 Emoty is equipped with a special cover including a bridgeless keypad with ten emotional categories and integrated stroke, press and shake sensors, with which the users’ emotions can be conveyed to animated 3D-characters, sharing emotional MMS with friends. The other features of the new phone are identical to Siemens CX70, announced about a month ago - VGA camera, 3D technology, Push-and-Talk (PaT).

Press release

The CX70 Emoty is all about emotion. Not only does it let you capture individual emotions with its large color display, new sensor-filled cover and preinstalled animated 3D-characters, but it also enables users to send these moments to all MMS capable mobile phones. A full range of messaging features including integrated VGA camera with video recording, MMS, Email and instant messaging, which allow users to maintain a list of buddies to enable immediate chatting, make this handset the perfect companion for those who just can’t stop socializing. And thanks to Push-and-Talk (PaT) capabilities (depends on the operator) , users can send voice messages to a number of friends with the simple touch of a button .

With the three preinstalled 3D Emoty-characters – Laura, Joey, and Wobble – to play with and ten emotional categories on the keypad to choose from, such as love and happiness to sadness and anger, the CX70 Emoty lets users express their feelings.

By using the integrated stroke, press and shake sensors intuitively, the animated character is controlled to express the users’ moods. The sensors identify the intensity of the users’ moods and in turn, the Emoty character responds at the same level. Together with a text, the conveyed emotion can then be sent as an animation via MMS to all MMS capable mobile phones to be shared with others. Variants of the pre-installed characters with further characters, including Garfield , will be downloadable from the Siemens WAP portal.

The look and feel of the CX70 Emoty can also be changed with just one click. New themes with color, icons and keywords can be downloaded with the help of the 3D download assistant, allowing users to personalize their phones. Additionally, the photo editor lets you edit and add effects to your photo messages – so regardless of what you want to say your message will definitely be understood.

The phone will be sold in Europe and Asia Pacific from the fourth quarter 2004. It will be offered in the color ‘Bluewater’ and its price will be available locally.