Emulator files confirm 1080p support for next WP8 build

02 July, 2013 | Comments (39) | Post your comment

The latest version of Visual Studio 2013, which, among other things, allows developers to emulate Windows Phone in order to test applications, had been found to contain files that enable fullHD 1080p emulation. The discovery comes courtesy of Justin Angel, a former Microsoft and Nokia employee.

The findings in Visual Studio 2013, which was previewed by Microsoft at their Build developer conference last week, all but confirms the previous rumors that fullHD support will be added to the upcoming GDR3 OS refresh for OEMs.

There's even rumors floating around that the upcoming 41MP Nokia EOS may have such a screen, or get a separate 1080p variant down the road - we'll find out for sure come July 11.

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Emulator files confirm 1080p support for next WP8 build - reader comments

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Oh.. so you mean, Nokia dont need high end specs? How about the upcoming games/apps? I agree with you coz Nokia doesnt have apps like iOS and Android which eternally s*cks. Think before you click kid. Nokia is far far behind. Wait and see these chine...

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  • 2013-07-03 12:06
  • vj1N
  • tomakali

i bought lumia 800 with WP7.5 and then 7.8 was a great upgrade for me... and then came a lot of WP8 devices its really worth upgrading to WP8 devices still i want to taste WP8 in my next Lumia 1020-EOS that will not satisfy me, but im sure ...

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  • 2013-07-03 07:09
  • ijyk
  • JJ

I was forced to use the Windows 8 eco system as part of my employment to find the opposite to your childish comment. Suggest you remove your blindfold and take the time to learn about the product first then perhaps you will then be in a better positi...

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  • 2013-07-03 06:22
  • RN@g