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> In reply to Jaro @ 2013-02-07 19:01 from sXjU - click to readI agree, very good quality. Back in the day phone were made to last.

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  • 2013-03-19 11:39
  • stWQ
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I had this Ericsson S868 from 1996 and still working well in 2013 I love this phone, as they do make phones like this anymore.

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  • 2013-02-07 19:01
  • sXjU
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> In reply to Ram Ravji @ 2003-02-01 21:57 from M3En - click to readWhen you are open it, you'll see IR, but on mask there is no window for it, like on s888 :)

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  • 2010-06-17 17:04
  • 3nv6
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great sturdy phone. love the keys. if only more fetures were added. hope they come up with another later version of this type of phone. Excellent clarity for voice calls

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  • 2003-10-28 07:13
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I have been using this phone since 1999. And before giving my review of the S868, I would like to point out a couple of errors on your site in respect of this phone. Firstly, this phone does not have an infared port - unlike the SH888 - which look identical.
Secondly, I doubt if you would get 80 hours standby time with the standard battery, I never have. And having recently upgraded to a high capacity battery I got some 70 hours standby time (without making or receiving any calls)
That aside, the phone, apart from the letter "g" looking strange in the display and the somewhat fiddly menu, is great. If you overlook these, it's a great phone.
Maybe it's not the most stylish,lightest or sophisticated by today's standards.
I have never had any any problems with it. And the call quality is brilliant. Not to mention the feel of pressing the keys, it just says quality.

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  • 2003-02-01 21:57
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  • Douglas Newcomb+Spoc
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Exellent Phone

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  • 2002-08-14 19:06
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A very solid phone indeed. I have been using this phone for 4 years now and is still going strong.It has fallen several times from my breast pocket but still has never disappointed me. My only problem is to change the battery and am off!

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  • 2002-08-13 22:27
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Very reliable and tough phone. A classic cell phone frm the past....

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  • 2002-02-26 20:48
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tough phone

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  • 2001-02-11 02:44
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I've been using one of these for the last two years - it has both durable and reliable. I've only just replaced the originally supllied battery. On the downside possibly due to increased phone usage - i have begun to suffer from headaches. I am not sure if there is a correlation here but to be on the safe side I am changing handphones. However if unlike me you are a sensible user who doesn't spend prolonged times on the phone this phone should be fine. On a final note this phone is beginning to look dated.

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  • 2000-12-23 07:11
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