EU Commission pushes for barring roaming charges by 2016

12 September, 2013 | Comments (27) | Post your comment

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The EU Commission's new Connected Continent plan proposal envisions the barring of all roaming charges and the boosting of broadband speeds to allow for more affordable communications and higher quality internet access to whole Europe.

The move is already proving quite unpopular with telecoms, which project substantial business losses from a potential move like this one. The EU Commission however is pretty confident that the roaming charges are one of the roadbloacks to achieving of a Paneuropean Telecoms Single Market.

In a recent speech, Neelie Kroes, the EU's digital agenda commissioner, said "[...]the European Commission says no to roaming premiums, yes to net neutrality, yes to investment, yes to new jobs. Fixing the telecoms sector is no longer about this one sector but about supporting the sustainable development of all sectors."

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The Commission estimates that if achieved, the Telecoms Single Market will allow for a 1% yearly growth of GDP. The proposal aims to boost the performance of the EU telecoms market, which reportedly is well behind the US and Asia.

The specific measure proposed by the plan is barring the incoming calls roaming charges and slashing the price ceiling for outgoing calls across the EU borders down to 0.19 per minute.





EU Commission pushes for barring roaming charges by 2016 - reader comments

  • ridingthelightning

i hope this comes through. here in northern ireland, to call Ireland, just a few miles south of us we are charged the same price as id we were calling spain or france, because EIRE isn't part of the UK.

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  • 2013-09-14 15:37
  • M3s@
  • Thomas

Anyone remember the news story of the village in Kent (England) ending up with roaming charges from across the Channel!

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  • 2013-09-14 13:34
  • m5@S
  • frh

Every Indian in India can afford a cellphone. Not because of how much money they have or how rich they are but because of what owning a mobile phone costs. There are phone available in India for as low as $10. Used phones even less. And the call rate...

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  • 2013-09-13 15:16
  • 2Td9