Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy S5 G906, S5 mini screens detailed

This is pretty big. An inside source involved with the development of the companys Kids mode has shared some exciting info about a bunch of upcoming Samsung devices. We got details on the upcoming Galaxy S5 Prime G906 flagship, the Galaxy S5 mini compact handset and a second generation Samsung Galaxy Mega device, which was previously believed to be called Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo.

Samsung may deny it all it wants but the Galaxy S5 G906 is real and it's coming soon. We cant really confirm if its really going to be called Prime as rumors suggest, but we have something better screen size. The first QHD smartphone by Samsung will come with a 5.2" display slightly larger than the 5.1" unit of the Galaxy S5.

We also learned the internal codename of the Galaxy S5 G906 its KQ (Lentis), so well be on the lookout if any info for smartphone with that name appears.

Moving on to the second device of interest in the table the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini G800, or K Mini (Atlantic) as the companys employees know it. The other day we got conflicting information about the screen size of the handset, but now we can confirm that its a 4.5" unit of 720p resolution. We can hope that the source who previously suggested this screen size was also right about the Snapdragon 800 chipset, but we didnt get a confirmation about that.

Finally, we have the Samsung Galaxy G750, which was previously believed to be a downgraded version of the Samsung Galaxy S5, going by the name Galaxy S5 Neo. However we now learn that this is actually a second generation Mega device, carrying the codename K Mega (Vasta) and packing a 6" 720p screen.

We were also promised to get more information on the upcoming Samsung tablets shortly so stay tuned for more exclusive info from us.

Special thanks to our tipster, greatnessmakesyougreat!




Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy S5 G906, S5 mini screens detailed - reader comments

  • You Know Me

appleinsider.com? You might as well reference The National Enquirer.

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  • 2014-06-04 05:08
  • I0qf
  • Anonymous

samsung won't die as there are plenty of s-sheep willing to dump their S5 to buy S5 Prime

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  • 2014-05-12 10:20
  • uH$w
  • agesmchills

minh means MINI! Is a 4.5" cellphone termed 'smartphone'? Dont think so,these big 'bulkyphones' are tearing our pockets .We need Mini indeed,make it smart!

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  • 2014-05-11 23:28
  • fsTy