First life shots of the HTC HD2 extended life battery pop up

07 February, 2010 | Comments (87) | Post your comment

Not long ago we told you that the Snapdragon-powered HTC HD2 is getting an extended battery which, along with the almost doubled capacity, brings quite welcome inbuilt kickstand. The battery status is still set to preorder but at least there are some live images of it this time. And we've got them!

It's not the first time for HTC to roll out an extended battery for some of their smartphones but while the HTC Touch Diamond got only a few more mAh extra, the HD2 will enjoy a battery with nearly doubled capacity.


As our battery test revealed, the standard 1230 mAh Li-Ion battery of the HTC HD2 turned out quite an an achiever. Can you imagine what the 2300 mAh one will be capable of? But that's not its only advantage - the beefier battery also comes with a foldable kickstand. How about that!

The only downside of the original extended HD2 battery is its size. But the extra battery life is worth turning your gracious 11mm thin HTC HD2 into a hunchback. You only have to wait until it becomes available, though. Currently, you can preorder the extended life battery for good 47 euro (64 US dollars).





First life shots of the HTC HD2 extended life battery pop up - reader comments

  • Sharif

This is a good idea, I cant wait to get one for my phone!

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  • 2012-12-30 19:06
  • fuNc
  • Django

AHH come on for crying out loud,HTC you can really really do better, please tell me this is just a prototype and you not really serious about marketing this bulky addon, you are taking a very beautiful device and turning it in to a hunchback monster....

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  • 2010-09-06 21:24
  • LKnR
  • Anonymous

and you think owning an iphone is cheap? lol

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  • 2010-07-08 17:43
  • v0q9