Four BenQ-Siemens models leaked


A leak from International Forum Design web site ( gives us a hint that a new set of mobile phones announcements is coming soon from BenQ-Siemens. The new phones are codenamed Venus C3, Cupid, Hermes B and Ulysses B1. The music Venus C3 clamshell comes with MP3 playback and a FM transmitter so that the files from the mobile phone can be played back on stereo, car audio or home theatre systems . The Cupid model is a business orientated slider. Another MP3 phone is the stylish Hermes B bar. The Ulysses B1 is for the fashion victims who seek a multifunctional bar. The new serie is most probably to be announced at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona.

BenQ-Siemens Venus C3

BenQ-Siemens. Click to zoom BenQ-Siemens. Click to zoom

Venus C3 is specifically designed for music lovers, with mp3 operating keys embedded on the outside of the cover so users can gain easy access to the basic playback functions without needing to open the phone. The keys blend in flawlessly with the overall design, combining beauty with functionality. The brushed metal finish adds delicacy and quality. Venus C3 is equipped with an FM transmitter so that mp3 files on the mobile phone can be played back on stereo, car audio or home theatre systems. This product is installed with Voice Answer software, featuring a dynamic filter that lets the user tailor individual voice mail messages to fit the caller. When receiving long distance calls from abroad, for example, the voice mail automatically switches to English.

BenQ-Siemens Cupid

BenQ-Siemens. Click to zoom BenQ-Siemens. Click to zoom

The Cupid is specifically tailored to the business professional. Equipped with “easy key” functions, it simplifies the steps needed to operate the cell phone. Users can also effortlessly access the primary functions of the phone. The Cupid’s intuitive design makes it easy to distinguish primary from secondary functions and the extra-large screen makes reading a pleasure. The Cupid has a clean and plain design, with diamond cuts on the metallic exterior to enhance the overall look and feel. The subtle band design gives the phone a slender look and feel and reduces any sense of rigidness the sliding cover might produce. The hidden patterns on the bands radiate a mood of delicacy and communicate the phone’s chic and practical qualities.

BenQ-Siemens Hermes B

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BenQ Hermes B revolutionizes MP3 phones with a unique music-playing interface to satisfy the young music buff’s passion. Positioned as a compact, entry-level cell phone, its large function keys accentuate the practicality and functionality of mobile communications. The sleek, smooth curves of BenQ Hermes B are not only stylish but also ergonomic from a user’s point of view. An independent music interface coupled with traditional MP3 playback functionality as well as colorful side panels are sure to impress different groups of music lovers. Clearly this is a phone that pushes music enjoyment and communications performance to the limit.

BenQ-Siemens Ulysses B1

BenQ-Siemens. Click to zoom BenQ-Siemens. Click to zoom

The Ulysses B1 is targeted at fashion-minded mobile phone users who demand a multifunctional mobile phone. The design concept imitates the small size and easy portability of a pocket notebook. The Ulysses B1 is lightweight and smaller than traditional 3G mobile phones. Its sleek lines conceal all the major function areas, and its front and back covers radiate a mood of continuity and simplicity. The Ulysses B1 is a 3G mobile phone with extra-large screen for excellent visual communication. The phone’s horizontal display lets you take pictures just like a digital camera. Not only does the aluminum metallic back cover increase the decorative value of the phone, it can also be used as a prepping mirror for self-portraits.




Four BenQ-Siemens models leaked - reader comments

  • Bee

brilliant designs I am really suprised with the new BenQ-Siemens

  • Reply
  • 2006-03-05 04:47
  • n06e
  • Anonymous

the venus c3 looks a lot like the nokia 6170. i'm not surprised since it was benq designed

  • Reply
  • 2006-02-12 03:53
  • j2vG
  • Salman Aziz

Awesome phones, looks like BenQ Siemens is planing to take the market by storm, and I agree finally someone learned to make good phones like Sony Ericsson. Full of Features & professional yet stylish looks.

  • Reply
  • 2006-02-10 21:23
  • PSdx