Sony or Samsung will supply the Galaxy S5 16 MP camera

21 October, 2013 | Comments (105) | Post your comment

The Galaxy Note 3 might be what everyone currently on the market for a smartphone is interested in, but the Rumor mill is already getting busy with the the next Samsung flagship. According To ETNEws Sony and Samsung LSI are prepping themselves for a bidding war to become the main supplier of the camera, which according to sources is going to have a 16 MP sensor.

Samsung LSI has that ISOCELL technology to give it an edge as well as optical image stabilization, but that's only available in a 13 MP module for now. There's also the fact that Samsung LSI is part of Samsung itself so it has better connections around the Mobile division.

Still Sony has a reputation for its camera sensors used in point and shoots, DSLR and EVIL cameras and various smartphones, including the Galaxy S4.

Next come some rumors about the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S5 from Joseilbo. They are very optimistic and, one would argue, slightly unrealistic. First concerning the CPU, which is said to be 64-bit octa-core Exynos. We've heard about this chipset before and is said to be a 14nm Exynos 6. 4 GB of RAM is also mentioned, but that sounds more like a wishlist than actual insider information.

We've heard that the next Galaxy S device will also be able to withstand water and dust and that it will even have eye-scanning tech. Only time will tell if the development of those will actually finish on time so they make it to the Galaxy S5, though.

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Sony or Samsung will supply the Galaxy S5 16 MP camera - reader comments

  • S2 legend

Minimum Requirements & Specs to buy: 64-bit processor with min 2.0+ GHz OCTA CORE 5.2-inch screen 4GB of RAM Minimum 16MP camera True wireless charging Fingerprint or eye scanner Premium metal design Waterproof and Dust-proof P...

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  • 2013-11-06 14:02
  • Yeu0
  • Anonymous

The scores are from using full potential of the SoC like benchmarks would. Not overclocked or unrealistic scores. It should work throughout the system more though. They use plastic because it offers many advantages in money, practicality, useabi...

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  • 2013-10-23 08:20
  • 4QSR
  • laggdroids

Samsung is doing better with hardware and software, but why do they fake antutu scores and why their Octa-Processors are not all used?? Why only plastic with metal bezel covering or Plastic with leather backup? Anyways, Samsung is trying to foll...

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  • 2013-10-22 18:29
  • PSL6