GSMArena feature labs: The tests

GSMArena team, 26 April 2012.
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The GSMArena Labs are tests designed to give an objective account of how a device performs in real-world scenarios. In short, it's about what you can expect from a gadget you're planning to buy. Our tests are constantly being developed and refined to keep up with the latest emerging technology. We aim to give you real results, avoiding convoluted technical jargon, so you can easily compare all tested devices.

We are offering a detailed look into the specifics behind out testing process, including what we test, why we test it, and how we go about the whole thing. While it provides enough technical information should you require it, we've tried to cover each subject in a way so as not to confuse the inexperienced reader, and the following pages a great place to get introduced to any of these topics.

In brief, here is an overview of our various testing routines. Clicking on any of the tests below will take you to its respective page, where more detailed information can be found.

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Pages: 123456

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