Everything you need to know about the iPhone 4S [ROUNDUP]

04 October, 2011 | Comments (102) | Post your comment

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You may or may not have noticed that we're increasingly busy with Apple's event and the iPhone 4S announcement last night. Our blog has also been feeling underwhelmed throughout the evening for reason too technical and boring to explain. That may have caused you to miss some of our detailed coverage on the subject of the new iPhone.

First of all, we brought you the news of the announcement and the first official camera samples of that much touted new 8MP camera.

There's also the official iPhone 4S video ad that covers most of the new stuff nicely, including the introduction of the Siri voice controlled personal assistant. But we've got that covered in a separate blog post as well.

Then we came up with the regional schedule for the iPhone 4S launch and we also told you the details about its planned availability and pricing in the US (Sprint's in on the game).

The iOS 5 Gold Master edition was released to devs and it will be publicly available next week along with iCloud for all of you to enjoy.

Also make sure you don't miss our detailed table comparisons, first between the iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 4S and then between the iPhone 4S vs. Sensation Xe and Samsung Galaxy S II.

We also had a glimpse of how Apple is going to conform to EU legislation that states that all cellphone manufacturers must use standard microUSB accessories for charging and computer connectivity.

Overall, the iPhone 4S is shaping up as a top-notch device but our disappointment mainly stems from the no-show act of the much rumored iPhone 5. And we weren't alone in the disappointment as Apple stock fell by 5% after the announcement.

Don't get us wrong, on its own, the iPhone 4 design of metal and glass back and front is timeless and it's miles ahead the competition that is stuck on cheapo plastics. But we would have really appreciated a bump in the screen size if not anything else and besides... Where's the fun in having your shiny new iPhone look just the same as your old iPhone?




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  • Gamma

I was expecting more of a bulletproof "Godzilla" glass 4D display.

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