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GSMArena team, 07 December 2007.
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Typical business devices

A lot of the devices we saw in the previous category, called all-round performance mobiles have their place here among the business-oriented devices too.

What the mobile business on-the-go needs from a device is to offer seamless email and messaging, conference calls that are easy to set up, long battery life, QWERTY keyboard, MS Office documents support, good web browser, and enhanced organizing capabilities. If you throw in a FM radio or a camera, the owner will be much obliged. All these features are there in our next offerings.

We already told you about the Nokia E90 and HTC TyTN II. These are major competitors, equally equipped - loaded with features to the brim. The wide email support and the extensive organizing capabilities are there. Each has GPS receiver and built-in auto focus camera that does the job done with no bells and whistles. The battery life depends on how you use those two babies, but with both you have Wi-Fi and UMTS support, MS Office documents editors, and QWERTY keyboards. Before you pick one though, bear in mind that they are both rather unpocketable.

HTC TyTN II (EUR 535) | review • Nokia E90 (EUR 610) | review

We already told you about the Sony Ericsson P1 in the last category. As you probably remember it features the UIQ touch screen interface and offers a nice large display. It also has a 3 megapixel auto focus camera, Wi-Fi, UMTS support and QWERTY keypad that's a tad strange.

The Samsung i600 or otherwise known in the USA as Samsung BlackJack is a wonderful example of a non-obtrusive smartphone messenger. Standing at only 11.8 mm of thickness, it also features a compact QWERTY keyboard and a wonderful display. Connectivity-wise it's also on par with the others with HSDPA and Wi-Fi support.

Sony Ericsson P1 (EUR 285) | review • Samsung i600 (EUR 225) | review

You should also consider…

When it comes to business and messaging, there is a good choice of mobile phones. Along with the handsets that we already mentioned, there are a handful of others that will also do a good job.

The Nokia E61i is a great choice for a messenger although it isn't as pocketable as the Samsung i600. The E61i offers a great build quality, stylish metallic finish and a really nice QWERTY keyboard. The E61i display is easily among the best of its class - one can't expect anything less from the Nokia business class lineup. The supported wireless connectivity standards are UMTS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The Nokia E65 is another E-series representative. Besides UMTS, Wi-Fi and stylish conservative design, the Nokia E65 also offers dedicated conference call key for all those company meetings on the go.

When we are talking business and messaging we cannot overlook the BlackBerry family. All BlackBerry handsets are business-minded however there isn't a single one top-of-the-line model. If you want the latest and greatest BlackBerry you'll have to choose between either BlackBerry Curve 8310 with integrated GPS receiver or BlackBerry Pearl 8120 with Wi-Fi support.

Nokia E61i (EUR 280) | review • Nokia E65 (EUR 230) | review • BlackBerry Curve 8310 (EUR 405) • BlackBerry Pearl 8120 (EUR 350)

Last year's tops were…

Last year as usual there wasn't lack of choice of business and messaging devices. Probably the highlights of all are the QWERTY-equipped HTC TyTN and Nokia E70.

HTC TyTN (EUR 480) • Nokia E70 (EUR 235) | review

All prices are strictly indicative. They are taken from various online resources and they do not include taxes or carrier subsidies. Your local street prices will probably differ.

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