HTC Desire and Nexus One to ditch AMOLEDs for S-LCD screens

26 July, 2010 | Comments (45) | Post your comment

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HTC is experiencing some problems sourcing enough AMOLED screens for its devices and it has finally find a solution - switching to LCD displays by S-LCD Corporation, a joint-venture of Samsung and Sony. Desire and the Google Nexus One will be among the first HTC devices to get the new S-LCD screens.

Misleadingly called SuperLCD by the HTC marketing dept., the new S-LCD screens are of the latest generation of LCD screens available on the market. They will supposedly have better contrast, wider viewing angles and lower power consumption (but are these advantages over AMOLED's or over earlier generations LCD's?). Well, we'll be able to check that once the first S-LCD-equipped HTC smartphones show up. And that should happen later this summer.

By the way, only the 3.7" AMOLED displays are in short supply so only phones equipped with them (such as the HTC Desire and the HTC Google Nexus One) will soon pack the new S-LCD touchscreens. So, the game is not over for the Google Nexus One after all (even if Google isn't selling it anymore).





HTC Desire and Nexus One to ditch AMOLEDs for S-LCD screens - reader comments

  • alfiu

how can people say that the lcd on the iphone 4 is better than a super amoled?? yes the iphone4 is an amazing piece of technology..but give credit where its due..the retina display is awesome..but not comparable to a super AMOLED..It beats it on cont...

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  • 2010-12-05 22:27
  • xZwx
  • torrentblock

i'm an HTC person, but i've tried the samsung galaxy 9000 and the iPhone 4. indoors in average lighting i guess the iPhone 4 screen just about beats the Galaxy. outside, or in dark environments there's no comparison. super amoled wins due to t...

  • Reply
  • 2010-08-02 18:10
  • ixYB
  • hamishmash

I love the way the i phone 4 users are saying positive things about this new handset. I rank it with the Nokia 1661 for reliability, only costs a fortune more and less reliable! Why not buy a handset for what it does instead of the name on it. Do som...

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  • 2010-08-01 16:35
  • m7iQ