HTC Desire HD now available in UK online stores

20 October, 2010 | Comments (60) | Post your comment

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The HTC Desire HD has been featured in numerous pre-release articles but it's only now that you are finally able to go and actually buy it. It's just you won't have to go anywhere as it's available in the online UK stores for several carriers, as well as a SIM-free version, too.

The beefy droid topped performance benchmarks, as it should - it has more RAM than some netbooks (768MB), and it's a champ at booting too. The Desire HD also features the latest Sense UI with integration.

The site uSwitch has the HTC Desire HD on sale with a handy configurator to choose your plan (carrier, cost, minutes, texts, mobile Internet, etc.), starting from free. They have it SIM-free as well - it will set you back 465 pounds (that works out to 530 euro).

Expansys offer the Desire HD as well - 499 pounds (570 euro) or on a two-year Vodafone plan for free (35 pounds a month). On some other sites like, the HTC Desire HD is still on preorder but is expected to go on sale next Monday (October 25).

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HTC Desire HD now available in UK online stores - reader comments

  • mathew

the only thing missing is a front cam.... :(

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  • 2011-09-22 18:48
  • U@ZD
  • arsh

htc desire hd works on 3g sim or not

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  • 2010-11-28 09:52
  • utRQ
  • Ubuntubwoy

The problem is that Windows Phone 7 is another OS running on a few more capacitive touch screen phones in an environment where iPhone broke through first then Android second with a flurry of handsets running slightly customised versions of the same O...

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  • 2010-11-15 22:51
  • nGyy