Pink Galaxy Note II spotted on Samsung's website

07 February, 2013 | Comments (23) | Post your comment

We have seen pink colored versions of Samsung's smartphones before. There was the pink Galaxy S III and then the pink Galaxy Note before that. Now it's the turn of the new Galaxy Note II to go pink.

The entire front and back of the phone gets the new shade of pink, which is lighter than the one we saw on the original Note. The stylus also gets the new color treatment. Other than that the phone is identical to the other color models.

Samsung is yet to announce the phone and so far it exists only on the company's Taiwanese website. More details regarding availability should be released soon.





Pink Galaxy Note II spotted on Samsung's website - reader comments

  • jessica

i kno i got this

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  • 2013-02-10 16:02
  • sh}t
  • MisterCats

That's just you being closed-minded. Nokia didn't innovate color selection. Nokia simply offered different hues in a time where no one seemed interested in them anymore. Samsung determined there was enough interest to have a go at it themselves.

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  • 2013-02-08 01:30
  • j8LN
  • mk16 lumia looks wonderful in different colours while galaxy s3 and note 2 look good in white blue and requirement of being colourful....this is for nokia lumia only...

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  • 2013-02-08 00:58
  • GRQU