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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2015-04-29 00:18 from fsTy - click to readit means that your processor is a little bit slow. ive had this phone, but the thunderbolt version. this phone nearly gave me an aneurysm...

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  • 2015-05-21 14:25
  • 9AqM
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has got gorrilla screen

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  • 2015-05-08 07:26
  • ftMS
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My phone has to load for some seconds when the home key is pressed .how can I change it

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  • 2015-04-29 00:18
  • fsTy
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So, ive had this phone for about three years now. the only reason i kept it for so long was for the unlimited plan i had on it, but sense ill be replacing it soon, i felt i needed to write a review. Over all for the time it was made this phone was pretty kick ass, at least for me. the battery life after about a year and a half sucked balls, but replacements and upgrades can be made on that. this phone for those three years ran my computers wifi on its mobile hotspot, and my friends whenever they came over, and i was getting speeds that where just barely behind my friends on high speed wired internet. and the phone itself ran all the new apps that my friends would play, normally smoothly, with small understandable lag for its age. this is more of a rant then a good review, but i really like this phone, it was great, but i dont recommend anyone go out and try and get this phone, ive been trying to get mine replaced with new ones that have just been kept in storage, but everytime i get a replacement (of the same phone) there is either major software problems, screen troubles, or most of all the plastic little lining around the outside top of the phone to keep the phone screen safe is coming off, either their clips or broke, or the glue is just falling off due to age. well rant done, take it or leave it.

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  • 2015-04-22 06:34
  • 4Jva
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  • prosper chikorowondo
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mine does not security to none t s saying disabled by administrator.also not respondind to an africom 4g sim card jus saying sim card from unknown source

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  • 2015-04-14 09:26
  • 0wqP
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> In reply to Eugene jay @ 2015-01-22 09:51 from fsV{ - click to readHTC Rezound boot loop problem solved :)
Your HTC Rezound will surely boot upto Home screen, lasting not up to 10seconds or so.
This is because you've formatted the embedded htc rezound default factory rom and it corresponding system factory settings.
If you could remember its should the first ever factory restore or formatting you've ever done with that htc rezound with device.
Get ready to solve this cheap sheet.
Well I will call the process a research project.
Leaving you at this stage is not the solution.
~Type this syntax at any search engine. Well just use google. Free htc rezound android police
From there pic up any lucky link of you choice.
Download the htc rezound android police rom.
Its a .zip file of up to 616mb of more.
Do not extract the zip.
Format and external sd memory card to file system fat32.
Copy the only the download htc rezound android police rom into the root of the sd memory card.
Rename the htc rezound android police rom to PH981MG.
the rom new attribute name is now
Remove htc rezoud battery.
Insert the sd memory card containing the only the
Place battery do not place phone cover yet.
Hold down vol+ button. Do not release yet. Hold down power button. Do not release yet.
At this point you are holding volume plus button and at same time the button too.
Before 10sec wait for the splash screen to appear.
Wait for system to load and check the
HTC Rezound droid OS.
If check is successful, just carefully follow simple instruction to agree for system formatting and installation of the new factory OS.
Process will start one after the other.
Wait for installation to complete.
Installation should take up to 20min.
When done, your HTC rezound must boot properly to it normal.
Glory glory you HTC rezound is back to life.

If process not successful start it over again.
Make sure that you download the downloaded rom is the htc rezound android police rom by android police.
Downloaded rom name should be change to PH981MG
Vol+ and power button at same time will boot the slash screen.
After splash screen appear, do not press any button until rom check is done.

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  • 2015-03-28 13:50
  • CAXJ
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accessories(fone case & screen guard) are not available in Ghana

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  • 2015-03-10 06:13
  • fsT5
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> In reply to Usno @ 2014-08-29 13:56 from fm}X - click to is bes in this sitution

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  • 2015-03-07 22:07
  • KIqC
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How much is this phone in Zambia? and why dont you supply p[arts to Zambia?

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  • 2015-03-03 16:00
  • fm5J
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> In reply to Eugene jay @ 2015-01-22 09:51 from fsV{ - click to readHard reset it. It would work

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  • 2015-02-23 14:34
  • fsWX
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> In reply to P.K @ 2015-01-28 11:32 from NwLN - click to readYea it would work after the unlocking. The phone came in CDMA which accept only Verizon sim cards. After unlocking it would work perfectly

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  • 2015-02-23 14:30
  • fsWX
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> In reply to Supplin @ 2014-07-01 00:18 from J7Td - click to readHello,MY Dear
I had problems so problems like you with this smart phone but i got it to a mob-repairer and spent 25$ for repairing it now it is works a little better but not completly well.
sorrily it is a defectiveity in mob.
if you find a way for solving it for instance changing the buttery please warn me many thanks.

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  • 2015-02-04 14:32
  • arcn
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Pls I use the same phone which I use mtn sim to make nd receive calls but for the browser when I try to do the settings am told the source of the sim is unknown so I took it to mtn office but they could not do nd they asked me to take it to a phone shop nd when I did I was told they have to unlock the phone before so I want to know if it will work afta unlocking

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  • 2015-01-28 11:32
  • NwLN
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hie,i recently formatted my phone and now when i switch it back on it switches itself on/off time and time again,what should i do?

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  • 2015-01-22 09:51
  • fsV{
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betry avalable in india..?

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  • 2014-12-11 06:14
  • XNjw
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> In reply to RKB... @ 2014-10-25 08:00 from YQG8 - click to readsure it can its why am using now

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  • 2014-11-23 17:07
  • N9@S
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super phone.........

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  • 2014-11-05 13:52
  • terE
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can this phone work on airtel gsm network ??

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  • 2014-10-25 08:00
  • YQG8
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I think opinions arevso misleading. Theres no way HTC would invest their technology in a phone that would affect their reputation. These phones are well designed and their functionality all meet the required specified standards.the problem is us the users, if one doesnt know how to use the phone or install apps that affercts the phone, i think its imperative not to say bad on the phone. How come others are finding the same phone to be excellent.

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  • 2014-10-17 07:50
  • NuMn
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> In reply to Hamza @ 2014-09-17 11:40 from 6P{g - click to readNo. It cannot. Ive tried.

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  • 2014-09-19 14:58
  • BCx4
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