HTC sales and profits kept rising in Q3, financial report shows

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HTC has been doing pretty great in Q3, judging by the company's financial report. The company's sales volumes and profits kept climbing and the Taiwanese were easily able to meet their Q3 targets.

HTC shipped 13.2 million devices over the three months, bringing in $4.54 billion of revenue. Both of those numbers compare favorably to the ones achieved in the same quarter of 2010, representing a growth of 93% and 68% respectively. Naturally, the increase in sales reflected on the net income, which is $625 million, up 7% over Q2 of 2011 and 68% over Q3 of 2010.

The high sales in Q3 were boosted by the launch of the Beats-branded Sensation XE and Sensation XL, plus the HTC Rhyme, which the company hopes will also help achieve emotional connection between the customers and the HTC brand. And since those were only made available at the end of the quarter we imagine they will have even more of an impact in the HTC performance this holiday season.

Strangely, HTC expect to ship 12-13 million devices in the final quarter of the year, which is less than what they managed to push in Q3, with the revenue also expected to fall slightly. We'll see how this pans out over the next three months of course, but we are almost certain that the company will be able to beat those targets easily.

For more numbers, check out the full HTC Q3 report by following the source link below.

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HTC sales and profits kept rising in Q3, financial report shows - reader comments

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The source link is dead.

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HTC has overtaken both Samsung and Apple in Q3. What would really tell us if HTC is a leader or not is how people react to Apple's iPhone 4S in Q4. Here is SocialNuggets' analysis of how social media discussed HTC, Samsung, Apple and others in Q...

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HTC = Samsung Killer.

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