HTC to show a new handset on 24 June in London

03 June, 2009 | Comments (17) | Post your comment

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It's HTC turn to reserve a date in your calendars. They've just made it clear that their next big phone announcement will take place at a London event that's to be held on 24 June. How's that for a piece of exciting news.

HTC will hold their event on June 24 at 11:30AM GMT in London reportedly showing their next device(s). There's no word of an exact model, but you've probably all heard of the rumored HTC Hero that's said to run Android OS.

The HTC Hero is rumored as the first Android phone with a customized interface making is stand out of the crowd thanks to a bit of TouchFLO-like styling.

Here's what the new interface supposed to look like - this is a leaked beta build of the modified OS installed on a T-Mobile G1 hardware:

We remind you that Samsung also organize an Unpack event for their future device(s) in London, Dubai and Singapore on 15 June.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is also an event which traditionally hosts the announcement of the net generation of iPhones and as rumors have it, the tradition will be kept this year too. The WWDC will be held between 8 and 12 June in San Francisco.

So as you might imagine, June is going to be one hot month, having in mind that the Samsung Omnia HD and Nokia N97 will also hit the shelves as well.




HTC to show a new handset on 24 June in London - reader comments


HTC in the TOP with their HQ devices and the OS they use.. BTW i think that will be the first device with "Android OS" that not under any network like HTC magic for Vodofone and G1 for T-mobile.. So it will B ahero if it is Available to the collo...

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  • 2009-06-08 11:43
  • 3p1n
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HTC handset is always expensive

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  • 2009-06-07 05:03
  • txF$
  • Midas

I found out the following handsets will be on display: HTC Hero - an Android OS handset with no querty keyboard but looks like the Google G1. Plus a few other Android handsets. HTC Firestone - successor to the HTC Touch HD but with an 8mp ...

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  • 2009-06-06 21:37
  • p$Kx