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Hey a proud owner of HTC wildfire s ...I suggest this phone 4 tos who hav a restricted this prize its de best Android phone ...... HTC sense is awesome......any one using it ll surely be a fan of it.....its simply superb...
2.its a really cute phone....handy ...its made quality n finish is wud hav been better if it had an aluminium uni body design new high res display is superb
4.its battery life is jst k ......if using net always max. 6hrs ...if de net is turned off ten it ll easily last for a day or 2... android market is grt has everything n anything tat we want.
6.its has low loudspeaker sound but good quality.....a good music player (power amp) can improve de loudspeaker sound n quality...
7.anytype of video file can be playd smoothly by gettin a good video player(mobo) contact sync feature n de calendar sync is also superb
9.internal memory is low ....tats de main drawback .....can't get de full fun of android due to low memory .... processor sped is phone sometime gets a bit killing some apps it ll be allrite .... camera is good..... A decent one... HTC sense keyboard is good.... De word prediction is also nice....n also if u din like it get a new keyboard frm de android market..
13. It's ur phone u can change it android market is tar vast .... report n HTC sense is really grt ....
I am a grt fan f tis phone.....its simply superb.....
Tanks to gsmarena for guiding me to tis phone.....

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  • 2011-06-19 19:26
  • 7tJt
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> In reply to narender @ 2011-06-18 19:55 from 2@1y - click to readI think you should buy wildfire S because it is very smart phone to use and it's speed is very nice in internet.
It can also support most of the software.
I would use both phone and my personal advise to you is you should buy only wildfire S.

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  • 2011-06-19 16:50
  • U@$Z
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I am plannig to buy the wildfire S. Please let me know the user experience and is there any phone with similar functionalities with lower price tag?

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  • 2011-06-19 15:11
  • TREW
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> In reply to sourabh singhai @ 2011-06-18 16:57 from vG$i - click to readhi go for it htc wildfire s. this ph is very good is best company
2.good battery backup
3.divx video play wallpaper
5.good camra with flas
6.very nice look

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  • 2011-06-19 06:16
  • bC9M
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i am very much confuse in wildfire and nokia c6 01. pls give me suggestion which one i buy.

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  • 2011-06-18 19:55
  • 2@1y
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Hello Dears, I am planing to buy HTC Wildfire S mobile, so just I want to know if there are any other phone with same functionality in cheap price or is there any disadvantage in HTC Wildfire S mobile.. plz reply ...

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  • 2011-06-18 16:57
  • vG$i
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> In reply to supranatural @ 2011-06-18 04:07 from Kxht - click to readquite frankly this is one of the bigger setbacks of the phone....speaker output while playing music is a big dissapointment, if u are the kinds who likes to play music thru the speaker,i wud suggest a nokia or Motorola handset.

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  • 2011-06-18 14:39
  • v}QB
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what is the cost of wildfire s

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  • 2011-06-18 12:35
  • vGtc
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> In reply to same-same @ 2011-06-11 20:58 from v}QC - click to readhi mr.same-same
can u pls tell quality of the build in speaker when listen to music, it is good or it is like a can sound? (i dont like using headphone but i dont look for superb sound either)
my hd mini speaker sound like a can.
and about camera can it foto A4 document and still readable, since it has autofocus?

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  • 2011-06-18 04:07
  • Kxht
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very good i am happy

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  • 2011-06-17 17:04
  • mD7p
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hey guys! Great phones! u can have this discussion at mobileadvice dot in.
This phone or Samsung Galaxy Ace?

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  • 2011-06-17 12:47
  • vGW0
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this phone is awesome. after spending years with the useless nokias.... it was a breath of freshness and quality... the phone is absolutely wonderful for its price... all i wantd to ask is that angry bird rio hangs quite a bit on my ph... is it not supported?

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  • 2011-06-17 08:27
  • t}sP
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can any 1 tell me that how to change the msg tone,i mean i want to select message tones from sd card...

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  • 2011-06-16 20:56
  • sGMu
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> In reply to Gourav @ 2011-06-14 19:06 from bChX - click to readThat depends how much want to spend. You can start with Motorola Defy and go way up to Samsung Galaxy S 2..

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  • 2011-06-16 08:53
  • vG$k
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> In reply to Gourav @ 2011-06-14 19:06 from bChX - click to readSee Desire S ... I love this phone :)

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  • 2011-06-16 08:44
  • 3PE@
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> In reply to sathi @ 2011-06-13 23:08 from utaS - click to readYou can go for Samsung Galaxy SL if your budget is 18k. It's better than the Wildfire or the Galaxy ace. Galaxy SL has same feature as that of Galaxy S except for the screen which is superclear LCD

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  • 2011-06-16 07:25
  • vI75
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> In reply to laughy @ 2011-06-14 17:16 from vjXE - click to readbuy htc wildfire s its camera result is very good and it has 2.3 android.but only dis avantage is 600 mhz processer and ace has 800 mhz proccer but it doesnt matter

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  • 2011-06-16 06:15
  • bCd0
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1.It has no multi touch facility?
2.256k display support good quality visuals? Compared on 16m color

Sorry for my bad language

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  • 2011-06-15 21:00
  • 2Ajr
  • Q

i am convinced, i am dumping my HD mini for this.

i have a question though. typing seems to be a pain on this phone (and mine tbh), does the accelerometer work on twitter and facebook apps? i dont want to suffer for just typing a tweet or updating a status.

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  • 2011-06-15 20:11
  • mJDF
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> In reply to same-same @ 2011-06-07 07:53 from v}QA - click to readDude it is one of the best review i ever read nd im definately gonna buy it:D

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  • 2011-06-15 16:59
  • YQPi
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