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> In reply to JIMMY @ 2011-09-08 07:02 from vwes - click to readLooks exactly like that nokia. My friend has that nokia and from here this phone looks duplicat.

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  • 2011-12-12 15:31
  • 0uJp
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How to extend battery life:

1. Turn off wifi when not in use.
2. Turn off 3g when phone is stand by.
3. Turn off GPS when not in use.
4. Turn off Bluetooth when not in use.
5. Always close programs running on background which you do not use. Go to setting--application--manage application--Running--click the program not in use and click force stop.
6. After using the phone, click running--- exit program that still Running; then click RAM--click Clear memory.
7. Go to Setting-- Accounts and sync--uncheck background data.
8. go to setting--display--brightness--lower brightness slider
9. When playing games (example- angry birds) this will drain your battery very fast and could only last maybe 4 to 5 hours; as the cpu of the phone is working 500% plus the display is always on.
10. When charging, lay the phone of a hard flat surface like table to minimize heat build up. Never put the phone on a pillow of soft material during charging as this will cause heat build up which will shorten the life of your battery.
11. Turn off automatic updates of apps so to avoid downloading when your wifi or 3G is on. This will also cost you additional charges fron your internet/phone providers.
12. When there is no available cellular signal, turn off the phone as searching for network signal will drain your battery very fast.
13. Never expose your phone to hot temperature (like on car dashboard when driving) as this shorten the life of your cpu and battery.
14. Always use that particular chargers that company provide. because Under current/over current of substitute chargers will only damage your battery and phone.
15.Always remember for any Android OS, some of the apps/programs will turn on by its self (automatic). So you have to turn them off from time to time.
16. When the phone reaches 20%, recommend to recharge your phone. Draining your battery totally (0 level) will kill your battery sooner than you expected. Draining battery to 0% is only applicable to NIckel cadium batteries. Draining the battery to 0 level is a no no for Lithium Ion and Lithium poly batteries.
17. Download Juice defender application via android market it will increase your battery life.
Hope this can help you extend the battery's power and life.
Sudesh choudhary

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  • 2011-09-18 18:49
  • t}AK
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nokia 2690 mobile's duplicat modals

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  • 2011-09-08 07:02
  • vwes
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