Image of an unknown Oppo smartphone leaks

17 August, 2013 | Comments (19) | Post your comment

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A new Oppo smartphone has appeared out of the blue and the latest leak comes from the popular twitter account of evleaks.

The leak shows us an unknown device in its white color paintjob. The alleged smartphone does not resemble the current flagship, the Find 5 but takes a new design approach.

The unnamed Oppo smartphone has the capacitive keys and an averagely sized bezel. The leaked image also shows us the front facing camera and the chassis of the device, which looks a lot longer than the current flagship smartphone.

The latest leak comes hot on the heels of a report, which reveals that Oppo is working on an N-Lens N1 cameraphone with a 12 megapixel shooter. So, could this be the alleged cameraphone from Oppo? We'll have to wait and see.





Image of an unknown Oppo smartphone leaks - reader comments

  • CiceroBrown

This needs investigation immediately

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  • 2013-12-22 06:14
  • t7%n
  • EMac

Are you serious?? If you feel that bout nokia then you must be an alien

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  • 2013-08-19 07:29
  • 3E9i
  • RJ

OPPO Gangnam Style. :))

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  • 2013-08-19 02:43
  • kx{u