i-Mate Jama 201 sports VGA screen


i-Mate expands its mobile portfolio of smart devices with the introduction of the PocketPC i-Mate Jama 101 and the smartphone i-Mate Jama 201. The two devices are based on Windows Mobile 6 and come with tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support.

i-Mate JAMA 101 i-Mate JAMA 102
i-Mate Jama 101 and i-Mate Jama 102

The i-Mate Jama 101 is powered by a 300 MHz Samsung processor and runs on Windows Mobile 6 Pro. It features a 2.4" touchscreen 65K color TFT display with QVGA resolution. It also has a 2 megapixel auto focus camera, stereo Bluetooth support (A2DP), and a microSD memory card slot. The i-Mate Jama 101 weighs 110 g and features only 64MB of RAM.

The i-Mate Jama 201 looks more impressive than its bigger brother - at least on paper. It has an even bigger 2.5" 65K color TFT display and a full hardware QWERTY keyboard. However, probably the most exciting news of all is that the i-mate Jama 201 is the first Windows Mobile smartphone to offer VGA display resolution. The Jama 201 is powered by the same 300 MHz Samsung processor, it is based on Windows Mobile 6 Standard and has the same amount of RAM - 64MB. It also has stereo Bluetooth support (A2DP) and comes with a microSD memory card slot. 14 mm thick, it's slimmer than the Jama 101, but weighs the hefty 152 g.

Unfortunately, both the devices don't have Wi-Fi or UMTS support.




i-Mate Jama 201 sports VGA screen - reader comments

  • mike

65K colours are enough for QVGA resolutions since there are only 76,8K pixels. But in VGA resolutions 65K aren't enough because there are 307K pixels. So, big pictures (where resize takes place )will look no different than in QVGA resolution.

  • Reply
  • 2007-10-14 17:10
  • 00Yg
  • Lo

65K ????? Helloooo, we're end 2007, ale the new phones should have 16.7Mill' ! No Wi-fi? This phone is crap! 3/10

  • Reply
  • 2007-10-13 22:35
  • mwHR
  • ypwbi5s

Can you tell me, why do you need more than 65k colours display ? For me, there is no diference is it 65 or 262 thousands. 65 just uses less energy, and thats a good thing. But lack of WiFi is bad..

  • Reply
  • 2007-10-13 10:41
  • M@T2