iPhone 5 launching 5 September in the US, 5 October in Europe?

The iPhone 5 was a no-show at the WWDC in June, but a new report claims that it will launch on 5 September. Coming from a senior Swisscom executive, this is reportedly reliable info, but as you might have guessed, there's no official info from Apple.

During the conference call for their quarterly financial results, Apple did mention a "product transition" in the Fall. It's also in line with previous estimates we've heard about the iPhone 5 launch date.

So, the 5 September launch sounds plausible, but still take it with a pinch of salt. There's a little over a month until then and even if it's true now, plans might change. There were rumors of delays caused by overheating of the dual-core Apple A5 chip that would power the iPhone 5.

Actually, we've seen so many rumors, it's hard to keep track anymore. An 8MP camera and a larger screen (or at least thinner bezel) often came up in the iPhone 5 section of the rumor mill, so they seem likely. These mock-ups from earlier this month summarize the iPhone 5 rumors.

Anyway, the exec from the Swiss carrier went on to say that they will be offering the new iPhone a month later, 5 October, which sounds like a good tentative date for the European launch of Apple's latest phone.

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iPhone 5 launching 5 September in the US, 5 October in Europe? - reader comments

  • maho

guys when you got an iPhone its like you were wearing a tuxedo its something class so the iPhone 5 will be sell more than the galaxy s2 however if it's better

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  • 2011-09-05 17:00
  • N7Zp
  • brasi_db

Wow you heard that on a mac forum??? REALLY???? Well is it any wonder?? Both androisd and IOS are good in thier own right, IOS is very user friendly but I highly doubt that you would struggle to use one or the other if you are famillar with smartphon...

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  • 2011-08-23 07:30
  • IaHj
  • FairCompetition

The Galaxy S2 is expected to be better than the new iPhone 5 for many reasons still, so don't comment until you know.

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  • 2011-08-22 23:08
  • 08PB