Next Apple iPhone will reportedly feature a 12MP camera

16 April, 2013 | Comments (185) | Post your comment

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The anticipated next iPhone, although itself still not fully emigrated from rumorland, is expected to feature an improved camera sensor compared to the one found on the current Apple flagship.

The iPhone 5 features an 8MP camera sensor with an f/2.4 aperture, hybrid IR filter, and backside illumination. A source working for Wonderful Saigon Electrics, the manufacturer that makes Apple's camera modules, alleges that the next iPhone (which is referred to as iPhone 5S) will come with an updated 12MP camera, complete with improved shooting under low-light conditions and HDR support.

Apple is under increased pressure as of late with recent Android flagships like the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 expected to quickly steal marketshare from its iOS platform. The Cupertino giant needs to produce a device that will really raise some eyebrows, and an updated camera sensor may be one of the ingredients it needs.

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Next Apple iPhone will reportedly feature a 12MP camera - reader comments

  • jeeson

hi guys, I love I phone, but I phone have big mistake, 1, Bluetooth sharing and 2, memory card no support, ok phone memmory also 16,32,64 ok, fine but memmory card support good, becose Bluetooth no sharing only e- mail and some hav,so apple y...

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  • 2013-04-27 17:45
  • TrpD
  • Anonymous

16GB+64GB is still 20% more than 64GB so yeah allot of people would consider having 20% more memory a big deal...

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  • 2013-04-20 23:20
  • p$VH
  • JackSkellington

There is a difference between incredible software and incredible restrictions. Restrictions that are used to make a very poor illusion of perfection.

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  • 2013-04-19 11:22
  • 4QSR